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2008 Volkl Gotama

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Hi Guys,
When I originally wrote the description of the '08 Gotama it was just like Sierra Jim said unchanged for the '08 season because I too was told that the ski was going to be the same when I ordered.

We received our first 40 pairs of '08 Gotama's this week and I have the luxury of being owed a pair and mounted them up and did some good ole East Coast hard pack skiing yesterday and last night. I do not have a lot of time to spend in chat rooms as I answer a lot of emails and phone calls on a daily basis and am constantly working on getting more product on the site and thus do not get to spend as much time as I would like on Epic. I have been in the Industry for many years and those of you who know me know that I am a straight shooter and tell it how it is. I do however like to inform people when they can get the new product and how it performed. I have been on every version of the Gotama and although having the super soft flex of the old Gotama was nice, it did lack some ummmf. The same ummmfff that made the Exploiv such a popular ski and the reason Volkl realized they needed to make the new '08 Mantra wider and '07 Mantra stiffer.

Although the new Gotama is stiffer it is just as nimble as the old, just more versatile when you are on firm snow or heavy snow. The core is all new with the Power/Tough Box construction which uses a dual layer wood core, with the bottom half of the core utalizing a lighter wood. This still gives the ski a nice smooth, even, flex. There is also extra fiberglass wraps in the midbody of the ski that provides resistance to the binding pulling out. The ski is at least 15% stiffer in the midbody, but after riding it probably only about 10% stiffer in the tip and tail. This will still give those of you who ski deep snow the great flotation you want and those of us who have to ski groomers sometime better edge hold and more ability to plow through crud.

Cirquerider I appreciate your comments. I have lived in many parts of the country including Mammoth so I know the snow that typically you guys get out there. After skiing the new Gotama I feel that it is a good thing. I am a pretty small at 5'6" and 175lbs. The 183cm was the length I ended up getting since it is actually more like a 179cm. The ski did not deflect like the my '07 Gotama's did. I do like my older ones if I am in the bumps as they just absorb everything that comes it way.

I have got to try out almost every important ski for 2008 and in my opinion there is not much need for skis under 90mm's in the waist even if those that just ski on the East Coast.

'08 Volkl Gotama

Sierra Jim,
I would suggest that you go back and get clarification again. We have 35 pairs left in stock and I can tell you that the ski is not the same and you will see that when you get your's in. As much as I like my rep's, you know they are many times the last to actually find out when something has been changed. From a selling stand point I felt they should have left the ski alone as it sold very quickly for me, but I feel with the increased stiffness under foot and after skiing them last night the ski is still very smooth and the tip and tail were not as stiff as they felt in the shop, but trust me when I say, they are stiffer all the way through the ski. I have been skiing, selling, and buying skis for many years and I actually have a degree in Ski Industry Business so you can be assured the information (IS True).

I hope that helps explain it.

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FesterSkis, thanks for your review. I'm going to post a copy of your post in the review section since we don't have any first-hand information on the 08 Gotama.
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