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Demo'd some skis on our little mountain.
Conditions: very cold, hardpack, fast snow.

With my new boots (that still need some finetuning), I tried the following (in that order) :
- Rossi Z5
- Head XRC800
- Head I.M 77
- Dynastar Contact 9
- Rossi Z9

In the conditions, I really liked the Z9's (just thinking of turning made them do just that), but didn't feel very confident at higher speeds. Seems to me like a very good carving on-piste ski.

The other ski that interested me, but didn'live up to expectations in the conditions was the XRC800: more effort needed in turns, seemed even slower than the Rossi.

Looking for a good allround ski (85% on piste, 15 % off), liking some speed if enough mountain, should I rather consider the Heads or the Rossis ?

Also: in which length ? I'm 6ft2 (185cm), weigh some 160 lbs.