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Look Bindings - 2 questions

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Apologies in advance if these questions have been thoroughly hashed over...

Q1: Old look pivot vs. new look px heel
I've read that the slightly older 'pivot' turntable heel had some design advantages over the new px heel; but, that the new px heel has better 'forward engagement.' I can get my hands on new-in-box 2005 pivots or new px models both within my price range. Is it really advisable to buy 2005-model bindings over 2006/07?

Q2: Lifter vs non-lifter
I'll be mounting these bindings on Dynastar Legend 8000 skis. I'm looking for these to be my soft snow skis (for Western trips and great days in the NorthEast). I've read a few pieces that suggest the non-lifter version for soft snow skiing -- that keeping the boot close to the ski helps optimize steering and snow feel. And, that the lifter is really designed to help get you up on edge for hard snow conditions. Sounds logical to me. But, my local ski shop told me that the lifter version was the way to go all around. Any thoughts?

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I have px-12Ti lifters on my 8000’s. They work just fine. It’s not a huge lift, and I doubt most people would notice a large difference in a back to back comparison with the lifter and non lifter binding.

As for the P-12 vs. PX-12 debate, do a search, there is lots out there in this and other forums. They are both top of the line, best in show bindings. Personally I find better, more connected “feel” with the px-12, but agree that the heel of the old p-12 is more than likely safer...

You can’t go wrong buying either on
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I can't comment on the PX bindings. But I too am from Mass. and am mounting up some Legend Pro Riders tonight with Pivot 14 bindings. Same purpose as you, western use and really really good eastern days. I gave the lifter/no lifter thing so thought and decided to go with the lifter. (1) I am used to far more lift so I figure a little can't hurt, and (2) the lifter is so thin I really think it would be splitting hair so to give it too much thought.
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The reason Look got rid of the Pivot is that on todays shorter skis the pivoting heal was not keeping enough power on the tail of the ski. Now, don't get me wrong I love the old pivots. Look designed the PX heal to work with today's skis. Most people who have tested head to head (same ski, same size, runs px after pivot) found they had more control of the tail of the ski with the px.

As for the lifter debate, don't go with a lifter
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I too thought a long time about Look riser or not on my 8800's.

In the end I went with the riser as I wanted as much hardpack edging as I could get.

I would use the lifter as the 8000 is a great hardpack ski from all reports and more edging is better on that kind of snow.

In the soft I doubt all but the real pro's and testers could even tell the differance in soft stuff.
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I have both the old looks and the new looks. The old Look heel is slightly wobblier, but should be safer in twisting falls. The new Look heel is pretty much like any of the other modern binding heels now, although it still has the unique Look advantage of being able to close manually (you don't appreciate it until you wipe out in steep powder and try to step in your binding).

Legend 8000 is quite adequate as a true soft snow ski, but only barely, as at 80 mm is not a true Western powder ski. If you have a specialized powder ski, I suggest to get something wider. On the other hand 8000 is very good everywhere, so you may end up just using it as your everyday ski. Lifter is good for hard snow, but bad for powder snow, so you decide. Both my skis do not have lifters.

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Thanks for the comments everyone!

Yeah, I know the 8000 is not a real powder ski. But, as someone who gets out west 1-2 times a year, I think it will be a good compromise for the most typical conditions. If I get a serious powder dump during one of those trips, I'll rent some 90mm skis. The 8000's should be pretty good for everything else.
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The 8000 is a fine all around ski that is very good in powder. Tip is soft enough to not dive.
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"heel is pretty much like any of the other modern binding heels now" except for the fact the LOOK has up to double the elasticity of the other brands which is/was make the LOOK heel great(er)...
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