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3 in 1 tool edge usage

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When you're using these bevel guides, to do the side edge you run the rollers along the base, yes?
How do you do the base edge, say you wanted to use a stone on it to remove a burr (I know you can do it free hand). Along what part of the ski do the rollers glide?
As far as I can tell ithe rollers cannot go on anything when you do the base edge...or am I doing something seriously wrong here...
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Sorry, my mistake. You change where the file or stone fits to do the base edge. And with a tool like this, it seems you won't be bale to fit the stone in there anyway?
Picture 6
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Typically, as stated in many threads, the base edge should see little maintenance compared to the side edge and is a lower frequency issue by far. I just do a little very light base edge touch up by hand with no noticeable problems.

The Xact only accepts the included file for base bevel work, but the side edge clamp accepts any file or stone up to 6mm thick, like the aluminum oxide stone (with a little persuasion). The rollers run on the base. I just found out (to my surprise, and I need to double check this) that for the base bevel angles, you need to use 1/2 the degree setting on the asymmetrical round knob setting.

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