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GS skis as Jib-sticks

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I hve an old pair of K2 merlin III 180 cm super GS skis and want to turn up the tails (clamp the last three inches in a vice and pull on the ski while applying heat to the topsheet with a heat gun) for landing in fakie. The skis haven't lost their camber yet and I still use them when I wan to improve my jumps and cross. Any opinions on how these skis will fare as opposed to dedicated terrain park twin-tips would be appreciated. Thanx
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Bad idea. The stiffness of a race ski will be very unforgiving on abrupt transitions and push you into the back seat. You will be fighting to stay on top of the ski the whole time. But if you insist, top up your medical insurance, put on the hockey gear, and have at it! *grin*

I recently made the switch from X-Scream Series to the Teneighty in the park. BIG difference.
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I hef pair of old school K2 GS Race 208s zat I take for spin once in a vhile.

I hit ze terrain park und half pipe vith them easily, but first you vill need to go to gym und get big muscular tree trunk legs like Arnie.
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