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VR Thur or Fri Depending on Snow

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I'm headed up Thursday or Friday for the day, depending on what the snow looks like. I've got to be in Broomfield north of Denver by 5:00 on Friday, though.

I'm up for VR and I'd like to try Vail if its a powder day, as I never have before. I like trees, steeps and bumps (but its not always pretty).

Post or PM.

OK Dan
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I might be up for Friday. Lets see what this storm system brings. I don't think I can miss work on Thurs. I also have some Loveland Tickets, so if Friday is a short day I think we could be skiing powder at Loveland?
(don't know whats going on with my PMing will try to pm you toinght.)
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I'll know more later today as far as my sked. Expecting an interview sometime today or tomorrow and we'll have to see how that goes. I'd love to make it up for some fresh though if I can.
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If I ever get out of the OR tonight, I plan to go up tomorrow (Thursday, that is). I've got a CO pass and one 4pack day at Loveland left.Let me know if anyone will be going.
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I'm planning on Friday. We can meet at Heritage Square possibly or one of the dinosaur lots for carpool if you want.

The budget for buying tickets at Loveland is a little tight right now. I figured we can check the snow reports and decide from there...

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If I can get the permits for work today from the city of Den, were in for Friday, I will know latter in the day. If we go to Loveland I got Tickets, so don't worry about that!
Will get back to you tonight.
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(this is as of 5am this morning)

yesterday most places got around 4-6 inches and it snowed all day

please let me know what you guys plan to do ... tomorrow's my last ski day before I head home. I may not do ALL the crazy junk you guys do, but it would be fun to ski with some people instead of solo.

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WHAT!!! Don't anyone buy that "I don't do all the crazy stuff you guys do" from Kiersten! She has defined a whole new category of crazy irrespective of gender.

Sure sounds like snow is good Vailwise and abouts. Friday & Saturday appear to be a little frisky.

Betsy and I will be going to Copper on Sunday. If things change for anyone, let me know.

Good Skiing!
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Not sure if I can make it tomorrow or not. Had an interview just a little while ago and it went well. I expect a follow up and it may be tomorrow. I guess I'll just have to bow out for now until I know more.
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If you're headed up from Denver, I think we should probably meet at Heritage Square or somewhere on the far west side of Denver about 6 to get up in time for first tracks. And, it looks like first tracks would be really, really good...

Also, I might be able to put in a full day. I know this evening.

Who's in?

OK Dan
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Damnit, I can't make it. I suppose getting a job is more important than getting fresh first tracks??? Have fun tomorrow and STAY WARM!
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gee thanks Don. I meant crazy stuff ON SNOW.

tomorrow is supposed to be $&%$*@ cold!!! which for me means probably not a good day to ski vail. vail is amazing ... but the GOOD stuff is back in the bowls and blue sky basin ... could mean that warm-up opportunities are few and far between.

what's the verdict on skiing tomorrow -- and where?
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