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edge angle

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Due to feedback @ epicski I've just bought a set of Solomon Equip GC race. Question is the edge angle. I had my old Rossignol VS1 Oversize ground to a 1-2 cut but I don't know what the Solomon come with and if they will need the same cut? Please advise
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Most skis come 1 or 2 degrees from the factory. You can determine this by sharpening by hand and seeing which angle matches the current one best (i.e. to much, the top of the edge is sharpened, too little and the bottom is sharpened.

In any case, the stock settings don't really matter. 1 degree is pretty basic and not all that performance-oriented. 2 degrees is pretty middle of the road and 3 degrees is very grippy, good for racing. As a rule, more angle equals more grip, but also a necessity to sharpen more often. 2 degrees is a good compromise.

In terms of base edge, 1 degree is good for all-round skiing, preventing too much grab and nervousness.
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I believe Ghost has skiied on these and can probably help you. Send him a PM
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Thanks kindly..
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