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New Member with bad luck

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Hi, I have been reading this site for quite sometime and have learned quite a bit on my comeback to skiing. I just started again after about a 8 year layoff. Bought a set of k2 4500 escapes with marker bindings and salomon 6.0 performa boots along with a season pass to the local ski "hill". It's been about 3 weeks and since my comeback and am very happy with my progression. I have been able to parallel very well down the blues and complete some freestyle tricks I once was able to do (backscratchers, dafis, helis occasionally). My dream is to be able to freestyle very well. However, I ran into an extreme difficulty the other day. While attempting a heli I ended up getting around only 270 thus landing sideways and driving my shoulder into the ground HARD causing my colar bone to crack. I am now out for awhile and am depressed because my excitement to ski is diminishing.
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Ouch. Sorry to hear that but welcome back to skiing and welcome to epicski.

Hope you can keep the excitement up by hanging here with us and get well soon.
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Perhaps buying a Warren Miller's film and watch some one else do the heli jump will cheer you up a bit. Just imagine if it were you.

Keep up the dreams!
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buy some twintips during this off-season, and get a freestyle oriented film to get you stoked if youre serious about getting good!!
let your injury heal and get back on the horse!!
good luck
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Get some twins and spend a month out west landing in soft pow and dig it. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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