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Breckenridge this weekend?

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Hi all, any bears going to be at Breckenridge this weekend? Jo and I will be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If anyone wants to get together let me know. Not sure if I'm taking the laptop or not so I'll need contact info by noonish on Thursday.
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Hey Pat, enjoy the fresh snow that they're getting up there in the mountains! I'm not sure yet if I'll be up there this weekend or not. Be especially careful on Friday, it's gonna be FRIGID up there! If you want, PM me your number and I'll let you know if I can make it up or not.

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Lots of new white fluffies here--I should be healthy enough by Sunday for some turns, so maybe see you then!
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Nanc, how much total did you get up there? I may drive up for a part of a day on Sunday. I wanna get back in time for the Big Game Sunday afternoon.
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Breck's reporting another 6" overnight and 20" in the last week. A little more is forecast today but so are windy conditions-ugh!
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Pat and Jo, it was great skiing with you today! The wind was howling and Peak 9 was occasionally icy, but the company was the best! Thanks for letting me tag along with you and show you a little of Peaks 7 and 8.

See you at Let's Go Colorado 3!!
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Nancy, thank you for showing us around. I have to say that Sunday was one of the best ski days I've had in a long time. I enjoyed Breckenridge and will be spending the 2nd week in April there it seems. It was a crazy weekend, with canceled flights and delayed luggage along with hard water problems when I got home but it was worth it. Looking forward to LGC 3 in April and sking with everyone again.
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