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Ski reviews: Fischer AMC 79, Atomic Metron M11 B5, Atomic Snoop Daddy

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Ski reviews: Fischer AMC 79, Atomic Metron M11 B5, Atomic Snoop Daddy

I was in a search for a versatile, all mountain ski with bias towards off road performance to complement front side boards I have.

About me:

40 years old male, 5' 11", 190 pounds, fast and aggressive, belong to this gray zone people call "an expert". 30+ years on the slopes, 50+ days a year. Home mountains now are Sierra Nevada. Love front side skiing, short to medium turns specialty. For several years had to be on the front due to lower back problems . 3-4 years ago started to venture back into the wild. Current everyday skis are Volkl Supersport Superspeed 175cm. Since these are the main boards I spent virtually all my time on, I will make some references to them even though they belong to a completely different category (carving skis).

Ski features I was looking into (not in particular order):

- Midfats (less than 90mm). I did not want a fat ski (more than 90mm) since I believe that fat skis are pretty much useless for an in-bound skiing in Sierra's due to two simple facts - one, most of the folks just can not handle the speed fat skis provide thanks to the improved flotation (not enough open space), and, two, when was the last time we've got waist deep ultra light pow in Sierra's and for how long did it stay (I am aware of the last 2 seasons, I am aware, yet still)? And, I admit that making the speed statement I probably insulted some folks here, but never the less, my strong believe is that fat skis are made for a big (maybe, even BIG) mountain skiing, which us average Joe's get mostly in the Miller's movies.... Powder can be handled and enjoyed even on my Superspeeds, even though a little wider thing under foot with a bit softer tip will be useful .

- Edge grip and stability at speed. I want to trust the boards while skiing fast on a hard pack (wanted to write ice, but remembered that some East coasters could read the review )

- Light with quick edge to edge.

- Bumps capable - wanted something that will be less reminding a heavy work out in gym then Superspeeds.

The original list of what I wanted to try was longer and I even tried some of the skis from the list (run here and there), however true demoing was done on these 3, thanks to SierraJim at http://sierraskis.com (very convenient demo scheduling with call in, reserve, pick up on the way up night before, return on the way down next day late pm ):

Fischer AMC 79, 176cm, 116/79/104, 19m radius;
Atomic Metron M11 B5, 170cm, 124/76/108, 15m radius;
Atomic Snoop Daddy, 174cm, 127/88/113, 20.5m radius.

All of them were skied on the same mountain at the virtually same conditions with at least a full day on each pair: starting on gentle groomers, progressing to steeper longer blues and icy long blacks, some hard packed and icy crud, hard packed and crusty trees, separate runs on gentle and huge unevenly broken bumps.

Unfortunately, due to unbearably boring weather this season, no powder was available.

Fischer AMC 79, 176cm, 116/79/104, 19m radius

Very nice and light for its size ski. Did everything on the front side I wanted it to do - short, medium, long turns. Surprisingly it felt much more turnier with 19m radius than my Superspeeds with 17m radius, probably due to a softer construction. Being soft, though did not compromise its speed stability. These skis are fast with very good edge grip. Good edge to edge with light quick feeling. Very strong tail, which probably was the reason these skis were very tough in the bumps - very little balance shift towards the back and you are rocketed into the sky. Crud was handled relatively well for the soft tip. Bottom line - very good midfat front runner (if it makes any sense )

Atomic Metron M11 B5, 170cm, 124/76/108, 15m radius

Wanted to get 176cm, but it was not avaiulable, so ended up with 170cm and did not regret it for a moment! These things are heavy! They are lighter then Metron B5, but men, they are heavy! The boards are a turning machine: put them on the edge and take a nap - they will do the work. And the edge hold! Oh, my god, the edge hold! It did not matter what these skis were on - groomed, icy, blue ice, anything! Very stable at speed, short to medium turs - stability wise very comparable to the Superspeeds. Longer turns, though, required constant attention to stay in a clean arc - since the thing just wants to turn. Due to the weight, I think, these were stable in the crud as well. However, again due to the weight, it was a work to make them go thru the bumps and the trees. Bottom line - a lot of fun on the front. To ski these boards off road a skier has to be strong - I mean physically strong. If they only would be a little (actually not so little) lighter.... Ah, great front side skis!

Atomic Snoop Daddy, 174cm, 127/88/113, 20.5m radius

Light, relatively soft. Very stable. Only a little chattering at very high speeds. Very good edge hold. Only when forced into short turns ocasionally looses a grip on ice - its 20.5m radius after all. Being light it felt quick enough edge to edge with excellent zip line bump capabilities! Lovely skis! The hunt for me is over - Atomic Snoop Daddy, 174cm is the winner! It matches what I was looking for so well with excellent personalities (mine ans ski's) match. Highly recomend to try the skis, even if you are not looking for a pair .

Cheers and pray for snow,

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Quick help with length of AMC 79

Well, I'm 5 inches shorter than you, at 5'6" and 150, but feel we have approximately the same on-slope ability. Now, I'm 58, so not as able to hammer from first chair to closing as I once was. Last year I went to Whistler and had a chance to demo shorter length skis, down to 158cm. That length was fun in the steep & soft bowl bumps, but not so good at groomer zoomer skiing.

I'd like to grab a pair of Fischer AMC 79's (local shop tech's favorite) soon for a trip out to Breckenridge in several weeks, but 170 is the shortest offering. Would this length be okay for me? Lots of front side and some tree/bowl blasting, but 70/30 seems about the right fit.

Currently, I have a 5 year old yellow Salomon X-Scream ripper in 179, which is the shortest ski I've ever had.

Comments would be most appreciated.
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AMC 79s

Hi possum - I am 6'2" and 210 lbs and I have been skiing the AMC 79s in a 182 this season and they are great. I ski about 30 days a year - and am about a level 7/8. Like cfr, I ski fast. I think a 170 in that ski would be fine for you. You might even go shorter, although I'm not sure what the next size is. Demo if you can, but you will be fine with the 170s.
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