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Pro 500 vise (vice)

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What are these vices like?
Stable enough for doing edges?

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The Pro 500 has been around since 1992 and there are around 35k of them worldwide. By clamping in the boot into the alpine binding, you can quickly and easily rotate a ski from one edge to base to the other edge. Like anything, some people don't like the vise and prefer others. I've had no issues regarding sturdiness for edge work or waxing/scraping. I did find that without a second boot it can get a little old swapping the boot dummy between skis while performing multiple tasks and switches.
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I second what Alpinord said. Mine is about 10 years old and I have had no problems with it. I bolted it to my bench instead of using the clamps.
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Only other thing I have noticed is that there are no half measurements to extend the dummy boot.
For example my proper boot is 29/29.5
I can only set the dummy to 29, which is not quite a perfect fit but seems to do the job well.
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With most boots 29 and 29.5 have the same sole length. The difference is the factory footbed in the liner. The sole length, usually printed near the heal of the boot shell is more important for the vise.
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The sole length is 335mm.
Then it says 29/29.5

However, the vice only has measurements from something like 20-35ish so it must be using this length. The 29 works, it's just not a perfect fit.
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