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Slalom Skis

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Do you ever buy a pair of skis that you really don’t need just because it was such a good deal? I really didn’t need another pair but it was such a good deal… Contrary to popular wisdom here, I have never demoed any of the skis that I purchased thus far. For some odd reason, I’m attracted to relatively unknown brand. I guess I’ve been lucky so far ‘cause I like ‘em all. ...but there always is an exception.

I got a pair of 2006 Blizzard FIS SL skis in 155cm, which I believe is identical to 2007 version: Blizzard Mg SL I know Blizzard doesn’t get much luv in US but I’ve no doubt they make quality sticks – Apparently this skis incorporates Mg(-alloy?), which has similar characteristics as Ti but half the weight. They definitely feel light and snappy.

I think I’ve a full quiver (Fischer FIS GS, Stockli Snake, Kneissl Tanker, Nordica W105, Rossi Axiom, etc.) but never skied on short sticks like SL or hyper carvers, definitely not 155cm shorty! I’m thinking SL-sticks could be fun on weekends or when you ski with your family, or in icy days in general - like Tahoe right now, LOL. If for nothing else, I can at least get some good workout. I can't think of better sticks than SL-carver for going fast and covering the least amount of vertical.

I’m 150lb 5-8ish, never raced but I really like my Fischer GS, …I prefer stiffies over softies, even in powder.

Whadauthink? Any shorty-lovers out there?
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I just did what your talking about,I have the 06/07 Volkl Allstars(168cm)
and the Atomic Metron M-EX(175cm) and ski both in the east at Hunter Mtn.
I just got a pair of Volkl Racetigers Sls in a 165cm to freeski and I can't tell you how much fun they are, They carve great ,excellent edge hold and suprisingly good in the bumps. These do noy feel overly stiff as well,these are not the race stock version maybe you should look at the Fischer RC 4 SC
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Originally Posted by Boar2m View Post
I got a pair of 2006 Blizzard FIS SL skis in 155cm, which I believe is identical to 2007 version: Blizzard Mg SL .......
Whadauthink? Any shorty-lovers out there?
You mean these: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...7299&rd=1&rd=1 ?

I think they'll be a tremendous disappointment and burden to you. Out of the goodness of my heart, and with only your bests interests in mind, I could help you avoid that disappointment. I'll be happy to Paypal your costs plus shipping if you send those second-rate sticks my way. Send me a PM OK?

Seriously, that ought to be a great ski -- I had tons of fun on a 156cm Volkl race stock slalom, in exactly the situations you're talking about - maxing out the fun on short slopes. And damn, you got a deal on those skis. I'd been watching that auction too but didn't get the right bid in at the right time.
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I’ll be sure to remember your kindness and if I don’t like it, you got the first dibs for shor. (Tilting my head & LOL)

I guess every dog has his day.
That was by far the best ski-deal I’ve ever had!
Now I only wish if I was that lucky at NASDAQ instead. TMHLOL!
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