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Fisher rx8 or Head i.supershape

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I know these are two great skis, and wondering opinions on why one would go for one over the other? Interested in stability at speed and ability to ski it slow (with wife and kids)....

I probably will go RX8 in 165 (5'10" 150-155lbs)... I love this ski but have heard so many top things about the Head ski as well.

Any experiences with these two skis would be appreciated. Can buy them for about the same amount of $.

Anyone know if the '06 Head I.supershape is the same as the '07?
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I have rx8 and they are great for fast turns. It can also do long turns with quite some speed w/o stability problems (but you need to do a curve, they do not want to go straight). I'm not sure if you will be able to flex them at low speed with your weight though, I guess it depends on how low do you want to go.
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I liked both, but for different reasons. The RX8 is a little more forgiving and feels lighter underfoot. I also recommend checking out the Speedwave 12 or 14 from Elan, as the 12 has more energy than the RX8 and is just as versatile, and the SW14 is a beefier ski with more energy than the Supershape.
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Peter Keelty's ski reviews on his techsupportforskiers.com site are the best reviews I've seen. On his $20 subscription site he tells why he prefers the Supershape, but he also has good things to say about the RX8.

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I have paid for the $20, and will leave it at that. I'm a 7/8 skier so was looking for real skiers, not Harald Harb or Peter's take. Snowrental practically had an orgasim over the supershapes as the best carver ever in the world. It all may be true, but I'm concerned about versatility/bumps/slow speeds... but I do ski like FAST at the same time (always getting tagged for going to fast!) Ski Press ski test has the supershape in the SL race category vs. the Fischer rx8 as a high performance carver. I guess it is true that the head is a higher perforance machine, that I'm concerned is too much for me...

Thanks Dawgcatching for your post! You have a couple of skis I've been thinking about replacing my SkiCross 9 boards with (RX8, Contact 11, Supershape)- oh if money was no object.
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I haven't tried the Supershape, but have tried the RX8 and own the WC SC. The RX8 sounds like what you are looking for. The WC SC is like an RX8 on juice. IMHO both are quite forgiving and wouldn't be "too much", but the WC SC doesn't work so well at slow speeds, especially if you don't have a lot of weight. I can attest that the RX8 in 170 cm does all speeds decently, except for very high speeds, which I wasn't able to try with them.

I must say that Realskiers seem pretty spot on in their estimates as compared with my experience, and they do rate the Supershapes for all speeds too. I doubt that the Head supershape is all that hard to ski if you know how to carve a turn.

Check out an article on realskiers by clicking "equipment", then "skis of the year" , then "skis for groomed" tabs for their take on the RX8.
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i have the rx8 in a 165. Its a fun ski. It is really easy to ski slowly, but it doesnt want to ski flatfooted. It gets really squilry. High speed its really stable. since its a SL ski rather than GS its not as easy at speed, but its still stable. I found its speed limit at jay on sat, lets just say its fast. I was scared of my speed before being scared of losing it. I was doing at least 50 and making super sized GS turns. probably the fastest ive ever nuked a trail before
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Stability-wise, I think the Supershape is a touch more stable, but it has a completely different snow feel (more damp) whereas the RX8 is lighter underfoot and a bit quicker laterally (the Supershape is plenty quick, though). Both are great skis. And versatility-wise, I think you would do fine with either. Neither are overly stiff or aggressive.
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I find the Supershapes to be no problem at slower speeds, but boy do they come to life when you ramp it up. Tons of fun!

Also, to my knowledge the '06 and '07 are the same except graphics.
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I own the RX8 in a 170 and love them. My friend who is a gear whore just purchased the Supershapes in a 165 two weeks ago and with a demo binding. I used them last Saturday for the day.
I found the Supershape to be turnier than the RX8 and in fact, easier to turn. I also felt that the supershape was less stable at higher speeds compared to the RX8. Both of these observations are probably due to the difference in size.
I have nothing negative to say about either ski. Either one would be a great ski to own. I may give just a little edge to the RX8 due to more turning versatility but again, I’m comparing a 165 to a 170. I would love to demo the Supershape in a 170 based on Dawg’s review.
To a couple of other comments. Most SL shaped ski’s skied flat are squirly.
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Thanks All

Thank you everyone for the information. I think the '06 Supershape is 1mm different in dimensions from the '07 from everything that I can gather. I wouldn't think this would make too much of a difference?

It's weird the "mag" reviews put both the rx8 and the supershape as level 2 skis, I guess short turns are not what it is about these days, yet skipress has the supershape in their race carver category and rx8 in their HP carver category (along with the ixc1200, weird as usual).....

Now I've read 170 in the Supershape and 165 in the RX8, for me at 5'10" and 155lb (at the most, stressful life ripping the weight away! I need to ski more!!!!!)... And most of the reviews have these skis tested in the differing sizes as well, so not sure which way to go...

Great skis, a choice between too good selections, going to be a great day!
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Excellent review Dawgcatching... I didn't find these in my search, but now have this bookmarked! Now if local shops were ever carry anything to demo other than 1 ski quivers and all mountain skis. I guess they think we have more powder days in Idaho than we do, people just thinking they are living the dream and need wide boards, for what I have no idea most of the time.....
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I'm a 150# 5'10", late 7 early 8 level skier. Tried the RX8 in a 180, a couple of years ago, not realizing it was their strongest offering. I quickly knew it was more ski than I should own, but it behaved like a thouroughbred with manners. Never back-seating me nor any other ill. GREAT ski. All front side skiing at A-Basin; hard pack, packed, and some light baby bumps. Did all I ask of it and was ready for much more.
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Originally Posted by spielerman View Post
I think the '06 Supershape is 1mm different in dimensions from the '07 from everything that I can gather. I wouldn't think this would make too much of a difference?
I think the difference you are seeing is between lengths - the 170 and 165 are 121-66-106 and the 160 is 120-65-105. '06 and '07 dimensions are the same.

As for the size choice, I went with the 165's because I'm skiing primarily small Mid-Atlantic hills. That said, I would love to try the 170's to compare.
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