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Deer Valley & Alta Ski School Trip Report

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First off, I just wanted to thank everyone who gave me such great advice about taking my daughter on her first ski trip. Everyone was right on!

Now for my report. I put my 3.5yr old in Deer Valley Ski School for 2 days and skiied there with her on the beginner slope on another day. Basically she played and in between had a few private lessons. Her instructor was wonderful and my daughter warmed up to her right away. She was shy at first but the instructor totally had her way with children and had her excited about going out immediately. I was very pleased that she enjoyed herself and learned how to go on the Magic Carpet and Lift. Plus, she knew what French Fries and Pizza were and could get into her ski's no problem. Although she had wonderful balance, she still isn't strong enough to totally stop with the pizza wedge. In any case, we were all pleased that she was enjoying it.

The third day we went to Alta. Although I loved the mountain, I don't believe it is first time skiier friendly and didn't feel the instructors were paying a close eye on the children. And this isn't knocking the Alta instructors, they may have just been short handed but this incident kinda wrecked the 2 previous days of instruction. I took a parent/tot class and as my daughter and the instructor were going down the slope, a young boy, 8ish or so, crashed into our instructor and both went down. The boy crying holding his knee. My daughter was freaked from that point on. Our instructor was calling for help but the boys instructor was no where to be found and took many minutes to even notice what was going on. The Magic Carpet Operator was the same (which was another issue because she didn't help my daughter get off when she got stuck each time because it wasn't flush). It was a bad situation in which I didn't feel enough attention was being paid to the children.

I felt horrible for both my daughter and our instructor. Our instructor was trying everything to reassure my daughter but she wanted nothing to do with her from this point on (10minutes of instruction-50minutes of consoling). The school was nice enough to refund our money. I got my daughter to go down with me a couple more times but she has brought up that incident everyday since. So I'm hoping she will forget it by next year! In any case, she had a great time! Snowballs, snowangels, skiing and hot chocolate....what a great trip. It was all worth it but I think I will keep her at Deer Valley next year. She was happier there!
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I'm suprised that Alta didn't work out, too bad. I'm still a big fan of the Albion area because it's exclusively green and you don't have tail gunnin' knuckleheads bombing through from above. I guess that other beginners can be dangerous too.

Deer Valley has always been great. I've said it before here. We're in the middle of a six Sunday program with my girls and it's great every session. My four year old basically has a private all day instructor because she's the only one in her group. She loves this girl and when she saw Mom and Dad at lunch last week blew us off. Anytime you get this from a four year old, it's gold- as every parent knows. My eight year old and her group just own the place and go all over the mountain.
So yeah, DV rocks for the little ones. They take good care of their employees too, so they always have good staff.
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Yeah Albion was great but not for someone who was just skiing their first day. The toe ropes were a pain (yes, I had to hear the gripping about that) in the first timer area. I'm not sure what was wrong that day with the ski school. It's probably good (especially for a locals program) but my daughter did much better at DV. I have no problems, I would go back myself.

Deer Valley's staff was awesome. They really knew had to get my daughter stoked about skiing. She is still remembering things they told her to do, so I quiz her on 'What is french fries..what is pizza?" Figured maybe if I do that she will remember next season. Have a feeling we are going to be taking longer ski vacations and more of them, now that she is interested.
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