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Hard Metal File or conventional?

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Hi - After all race shops this season in Europe seem to be recommending hard metal files because:
1. The cut much finer
2. They basically hold a lifetime - more than 10x as long as a normal chromed file.
3. No need for a Diamond stone or alu-oxyde stone to remove hardened spots before filing as this file will fille them too.
4. Because they cut much finer you save time as you don't need to spend as much time on finishing and polishing the edge.

I would like to ask what you think about them. Here in Europe you can expect to pay 60€ for a hard metal file in 150mm vs 7€ for a Icecut Basic Worldcup File or 10€ for a normal 200mm file (like Ice Cut Professional)

Edit: Here is a link to a picture of such a hardened file:

click on "größeres Bild" under the picture for a close-up
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Good question. I had my hands on some this weekend and could tell they are very, very nice files, but have not used one yet and was wondering how they really compare to the Ice Cut carving files. The list price is $75 and our current pricing is about $70. I haven't stocked any yet as there has been zero demand, but I can get them.

Here's a view of a Vallorbe Special Hard Metal File Medium Cut - 100mm/4in.
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I've talked to someone from Tooltonic who has spoken with a vallorbe rep. According to him Vallorbe has even problems supplying the market with the files as the demand is so big. Tooltonic now uses the files too and according to them the quality is as advertised.
Meaning no more diamond stone beforehand, 10 times the lifetime and straight afterwards you can go for a 600 diamond grit.
The difference between the file is how they are produced. The are cut using different machines than before and therefore Vallorbe can use much harder metall than anyother company can use for their files.

I spoke to another guy who prepares all Stoeckli skis on the worldcup and he told me that the liftetime advantage for worldcup race skis is even bigger. According to him many tuners on the world cup have changed to the new Vallorbe files. He can't change to the new files for the moment due to contract obligations with another file maker but hopes that they will provide hard metall files too in future.

Once I've run down my current Icecut professional files (which are the best files I've ever had BTW) I'll probabely change over.
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Thanks for the insights. Tools4Boards in Calgary (our supplier) has them in stock for direct ordering and can get more. I guess we'll be stocking up on them as well.
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Are those similar to the tungsten carbide files that FKS distributes? They're priced similarly IIRC. I've never used either, but I've heard good things.
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