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Ski Movie

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This is some footage that I have put together.

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Nice job there westy. I like the helmet cam work at the end.
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Cheers crank glad you liked it.

Toilet scene was my attempt at some humour!

Off to Chamonix this weekend and for the month of March (managed to neg a month of with work, nice boss) so no doubt I will make another one and post it as some point.

How are conditions in your part of the world?
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I´m also going to megeve and chamonix next week. will arrive at the end of this week. 10 days sheer fun. probably best places to go.
Camwork was nice, you managed to hold it steady nicely.
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Estonian have you been to chamonix before?
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one time, like 4 years ago, but then I had very little experience under my belt.
This time I will demolish the mountain
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the bump line at the end rocks!!!
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