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So I was wondering... Buying 900 g of Swix CH wax costs about $44, and a given CH-X, say CH-8 will be okay for a range of 6 degrees (Celsius, so 10 degrees Farenheit). Swix also has a carbohydron universal wax split between cold and low (17 F being the mid line), and 900 g of those cost $26.

$44 for the non-versatile carbohydron.
$26 for the versatile one.

The more precisely formulated wax gives a speed edge. Does anybody have an idea of how much? Will I be able to tell the difference (I am not racing anymore, and I kind of doubt it)? For nearly twice the price, it'd be nice to (not to mention those 900 g of CH-8 I have barely started to use).