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Yet another Bear down

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Yep. Me.

At Kton, my son and I were poaching some woods, we were skiing the Mountain Biking trail map . Our second run down and near the bottom where I could see the cross trail that we would merge with....BAM. Left ski was off and my knee was slammed into the ground. At that point a "yelp" escaped my mouth. My knee felt real warm as I sat there. I got up and started shaking it loose to get some of the pain out. I was able to stand on that leg so I am suspecting that it is not my ACL. I got my skis back on and skied down to the Gondie. Ty and I took a few more runs (4 or so), but there was two times when I hit some ice that my left ski just came out from under me and I went down.

I will go see the ortho that Lola say for her knee. Me thinks it is the MCL or meniscus. I hope MY season isn't done too.

I will post updates when I know.
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I hope that what you suspect is wrong. But, my uncle tore his meniscus in November, was treated for it, and he just got back from Deer Valley--no long-term problems.

Good luck with it. Best wishes.
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i hope your wrong. maybe you just pulled something nonmajor

best wishes
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Jeez. That sucks.

Good luck with it.

Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, however, but your symptoms don't necessarily preclude an acl. I hope that's not it, though.
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Wow. What a drag.

I'm starting to think all of this misery is contagious and will have to stop posting here in order to protect myself.

Hope it's nothing major, Phil.
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Everyone hopes this is nothing. I mean if you were hurt and couldn't ski, you'd have nothign to do but....moderate :

Seriously, keep us posted on developments, and I truely hope that you are back on the skis next weekend.
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Oh darn! That sucks! Here's hoping that it's nothing!
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sorry to hear that. hope it's nothing serious and you recover quickly.
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Hey Phill Good luck with the ingury.
But it sounds like some ligament damage and most likly you have split the meniscus. Been there done that.

Now its its just a matter of threapy or surgury and then therapy.

Or you can just keep sking and deal with the all winter limp
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Oh sorry Phil. Man this has been a tough season. Take care of that knee and let's hope it's nothing serious.
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What's with all the gushy stuff?
C'mon Phil, a real man would walk it off!
I have two words for you..........

Okay okay, I care. Now get to the doc, find out whats wrong and get back at it so you can enjoy the rest of this winter.

Hows that for Burnin Luv from one of your buddies?
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Good luck Phil, I'm surprised you skied on it so much after the fall. Take it easy, many years ahead!
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bummer !
Hoping for the best.
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Oh, Phil, Phil, Phil (accompanied by lots of head shaking). Say it ain't so!

Hope it goes well at the doctor's. Keep us posted.

Now for the important stuff: are your skis okay?
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Hang tuff Phil
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That blows!

Take it easy and get it looked at. I have to admit that when I blew my acl, it was first run of the day in December '99 at Keystone, and I skied until 2pm. I got a couple of quick, shooting pains when in some small bumps around noon, and that's what made me decide to get off the hill. I skied the entire season without an ACL and had surgery that May. Being strong can compensate for missing or damaged ligaments (in some cases), so don't think that you couldn't have done something major just because you skied a few more runs.

Hopefully, it's nothing major. Just a sprain or pull.
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Phil I hope you are alright. Could it have been the impact with the ground that just kinda shook you up (like a bad bruise) and not a twisting/ popping type of thing? I hope all turns out well, good luck.
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BUMMER !!!!!!! I was and STILL AM looking foward to sharing some additional runs this season. I hope its only a tweek and you're 100% quickly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

falcon_o aka Charlie
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All geared up and no place to go!

I hope it isn't serious!

Good luck.

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Originally Posted by falcon_o View Post
BUMMER !!!!!!! I was and STILL AM looking foward to sharing some additional runs this season. I hope its only a tweek and you're 100% quickly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

falcon_o aka Charlie
OH NO! Bumpfest may be left in the hands of Paul Jones!

Again, the question remains............
is your equipment ok!!?

Can you feel the luv and compassion?
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What's this "I made 4 more runs" crap? You're not out, you're not even down!

It don't hurt till the bone shows.
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We need a new forum " The Epic Recovery Room." People would need a Dr's note to be admitted. Maybe we could have a place for virtual cast signings and the like.
So what is going on this year? Good Luck Phil hope the Doc says it is just a bad bruise.
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I had a similar injury season before last in the woods at Jay. Unlike you, I made that my last run of the day. Also unlike you, I skied the next 2-days at Okemo with a very swollen knee wrapped and taped, jacked up on large doses of vitamin I.

Still haven't been to the doc, but I am sure it is my ACL. I just put in a lot of time on the bike, etc. building up my quads and hamstrings and have been able to compensate.

Did you hear your knee go pop?
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I feel sooo bad.

Bro, I thought you were messing me with yesterday. I can't help but feel like I jinxed you, I feel like shyte right now.

To those viewing, on friday I was talking to phil, and I was expressing how I thought his DIN setting was too high, and that I prefer the lowest DIN for my weight possible to avoid injuries. At the end of the talk phil was like "man you better not jinx me". Well, nevertheless this shyte happens. Damn it.

I really really hope that it's nothing serious, and that you get back to the snow really soon. Damn man, I'm never saying another word about injuries to anyone ever again, this sucks. I'll keep my fingers crossed in hopes that it's nothing serious, I still feel like an arse though.

Best of luck bud, and if we ever ski togheter feel free to stab me with your poles for this.

Again, sorry to hear this man.

**Puts head down in shame**

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Damn man.. Hope its nothing!.
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Sorry to hear about that. Hope it's nothing serious and you get better soon. Let us know how you're doing.
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Phil - first, hang in there and know we're all hoping for the best. What a bummer to lose your know after we finally get some snow here.

Second, I'm with Bob Peters on this one.

Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post
... Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, however, but your symptoms don't necessarily preclude an acl. I hope that's not it, though.
Yup. You can stand on the knee and ski with it too after your ACL is shot. I did it too and caused a lot more damage requiring more surgery (microfracture - which I believe Bob also went through) and a lot more time on crutches (6 weeks) than if I just laid low and only had a graft. The fact that I could ski with a knee brace, but couldn't run or even ride a bike in high gears should've been a red flag. But it was winter and skiing was all I cared about. Of course everyone is different and every injury is different, but just cause you CAN ski doesn't mean you SHOULD.

Finally, I hope you don't get into this, but if you do, I look forward to your input on the latest and greatest knee-brace technology. The joys of carbon fiber, Townsend v. Don-Joy, custom-fitted v. stock ... never a dull moment for the true gearhead!
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Very sorry to here. I know for me I had sprained my MCL and was able to make a couple more runs that day. I was back on the slopes in about 2 weeks. When I blew my ACL I could not stand at all. Just colapsed.

Hopefully it is minor, now that we finally have some snow.
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Phil, just wanted to add my good wishes and hopes that this is nothing serious. Be sure to keep us updated on what the ortho says.
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Sorry to hear about this, just when the season was getting good. Best wishes!
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