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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
Please, give me a break!
1. I am NOT English
2. The best lamb is from New Zealand
3. It would be INCONCEIVABLE for you not to know what film I was misquoting.

Now did I say YOU were english?????

Best lamb - we'd fight that! Or do you mean that in a velcro glove sense - then the K1w1's win...
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& on the 3rd point - nah we only watched the fencing scenes - like about 10 times through each video viewing - about 1/2 of those in slow motion [img]tongue.gif[/img] (who listens to the rest when there are SWORDS)

& all the Basil Rathbone ones & & & &

My fencing coach looked like a certain Oz actor from those old fencing movies - very dashing.. In fact he made footage for a series that was cancelled - watched that too....
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