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The "Sir Cam" virus si spreading via email. Usually it is due to an attachment that you try to open but are noit successful in doing so.

If it happens upgrade your anti-virus software, shut down your computer improperly . Then reboot and the anti-virus software should take care of the problem.
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I guess everything is okay now, Wink?
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Its a good one - I made a few hundred purging it from folks computers!
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You do computer work? for who? MIS, IT, or repair?

Just curious...this feild can be as small as the ski industry sometimes...

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Linda - I work independently, do consulting, repair, installation (networks and all), and training. (In the summer, I ski all winter)

The .Com economy may be hurting - but the consulting/repair business is not!

How about you?

~Todd M.
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On days like today, I'm glad I married a "techie". But that's not the only reason!

Here's some info: http://www.sarc.com/avcenter/venc/da...m.worm@mm.html <FONT size="1">

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Yeah and Im glad that my kid sister is a geek instead of an athlete. I was ready to kick my boyfriends butt for sending it to me, until the kid explained it to me.could you imagine what would happen if the people smart enough to think these things up used their brains to do something GOOD for the world?
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--and if you work in the field, profit off all the stupidity caused by these punks!--

Sounds like a motive to me.

Spank Me
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I would love to do independent consulting...I just cant let go of the security of a 9 - 5, *sigh*

right now Im a Configuration Engineer for a large computer reseller, which means i do design and implementation consulting for customers and pre-sales support for our sales staff. Its VERY cool because I get to see all different types of networks and problems, and try to make it all work together..

Business is slowing but showing signs of coming around...

I think I may have come across some subnetting charts you've posted? I know Ive seen your name somwhere in relation to IT...<FONT size="1">

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Todd mentioned the "script kiddies" and the virus creation kits. Yeah, a real pain. But from what I've heard, SirCam and its relatives like W32Magstr actually required some real C++ programming skill. Has a built-in SMTP server, lots of other sophisticated logic. Not a VBA script or other low-sophistication approach. And it had elements of both a worm and a virus. Actually an "admirable" tight piece of code in a sick twisted sort of way.

Kind of pathetic when a "real" virus/worm like this almost makes me nostagic for the "good old days" when only "real programmers" could write them.
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Yep - with the virus creation kits out there now, one not be clever to create one. And most of these kids aren't actully any more wily than the kid who spraypaint walls to put their name out.

They are annoying, but if you keep alert you'll stay right on top of them - and if you work in the field, profit off all the stupidity caused by these punks!
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sure keeps us "independant consultants" on our toes. I am a sys admin at a .com but I also have my own business so I hear you Todd. I'm currently specializing in small business networks and most of my clients are medical offices and home offices. I was lucky this time however. All my clients have been keeping up with their AV updates and all were protected by the them the SirCam hit..
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