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Crossing my Fingers for Tahoe (you guys need help)

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So Today I went to the squaw site and looked at the UBER cam:


OMG, it is the saddest thing i ever saw, I was there last year around this time (first week of feb), and the place was simply PACKED with snow. I believe the base MIN was around 180". When I saw what Headwall, and even worst Syberia Bowl look like..I sware I was about to cry.

I can only immagine how bad the locals are suffering right now. I spoke to my Gf's cousins and they pretty much said it feels like they are skiing in the east...this is really gatta hurt business etc.

I'm actually heading up between march 9th and 16th. I seriously hope your winter arrives VERY soon. You guys seriously need around 10 FT of snow to be anywhere near your normal March conditions. On the positive I know you guys usually get 2-3 ft of snow PER snow storm. So I hope you guys get slammed with snow for the remainder of winter. Hell since I'm at it, here's to you guys receiving one of those EPIC storms sometime soon.

BEST OF LUCK, I'm with you all.
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Thanks for the prayer.

But you know what. Its been very cold and the primary runs are covered. I have been sking @ Mt. Rose. Only 1/3 of the mountain is open. Compared to last year is sucks. But it really is not that bad, good sking is to be had.

A big March and April would be nice, and probable
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just looked at the forecast, they're thinking S**** for everyday after the 8th..

looks like the Dry spell is Busting..

OH PLEASE OH PLEASE let this hold true..

PRAYING to the S*** gods for a great february...

Come on tahoe, lets make a come back...
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NOAA latest predictions: looks like the wet stuff is comming...


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Thanks for the wishes. We certainly need moisture here. The dryest January on record for 150 years and still holding. Snowpack is well under half of normal. the new snow surveys came out today at 37% of normal. Precipitation forecast looks good and I hope its true; this still leaves our friends in Montana and Idaho out The temperature outlook is a bit of a concern, but normal temps in February and March are cold and with elevation this should be OK:

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MTT kind of nailed it (and it's taken me a bit to realize this): compared to last year, yes, Tahoe conditions are shiite.

BUT...there is some decent enough coverage on the runs at the various resorts that are open, so there is some good snow to be had and solid runs to be ridden.

I have had both the worst day of the season and two of the best at Alpine. The worst being pretty darn close to opening day back in Dec. I hit all kinds of rocks and stumps and worked my skis pretty good (Sinecure apparantly was laughing at me stumbling down the hill all day...or so he says).

I held off on returning to AM until recently and in early Jan had a stellar day after the sun warmed things up. My buddies and I ripped down Sunspot, bowl offa Wolverine's groomed area, and the Sherwood Bowls on the backside.

I was at AM just last weekend and it was crispy/icy in the morning, but softened up a bit by mid-afternoon allowing for some good lines down Sunspot and elsewhere.

So, it's really a matter of whether you're a glass half full or half empty kinda person. I'm usually the latter, but given the cards we've been dealt, I'm making the best of it and looking at my glass as being a wee bit full.
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Surprise Valley California-lassen- Eastern Plumas- Eastern Sierra Counties-greater Lake Tahoe Area-mono- Mineral And Southern Lyon Counties- Greater Reno-carson City- Minden Area- Western Nevada Basin And Range Including Pyramid Lake- Northern Washoe County- Including The Cities Of...cedarville...eagleville... Fort Bidwell...portola...susanville... Westwood...sierraville... South Lake Tahoe...tahoe City...truckee... Markleeville... Bridgeport... Coleville...lee Vining...mammoth Lakes...hawthorne... Yerington...smith Valley...mina...schurz...glenbrook... Incline Village...sparks...verdi... Gardnerville...fernley... Fallon... Lovelock...silver Springs...nixon... Imlay...empire... Gerlach 348 Am Pst Sun Feb 4 2007

...wetter Pattern Expected By Late Next Week... The Persistent Ridge Of High Pressure Over The Region Is Expected To Break Down By Late Next Week As A Series Of Fast Moving Systems Erode The Ridge. A Subtropical Moisture Tap Is Projected By Most Computer Models To Move Into The Sierra On Friday Before Possibly Sliding Into Southern California Saturday And Sunday. This Will Bring The Potential For Several Inches Of Liquid Precipitation To The Sierra Thursday Through Sunday. Snow Levels Look Fairly High Given The Subtropical Nature Of The Moisture Tap...but Significant Snows Are Possible In The High Sierra Friday Into Saturday:d
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