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Chiropractor denies she did anything that would cause the symptoms of today:

left knee pain (and limited mobility)
right shin pain
left arm tingling and numbness
back tingling

Of course it isn't her fault. That would be an admission of guilt.

At physical therapy today, I was given 3 things to do:

Call the orthopedist to have another look at the knee and discuss the leg because of the sudden onset of pain (I had been doing very well in PT)

Call my PCP and make an appointment to start visiting the NE Pain Center (check)

LAY LOW, do only the minimum for the next 3 weeks until our vacation at Jackson Hole. She seems to think I need time to heal, and I push myself too hard. I don't think so, but at the same time, I'm taking one step forward and falling down all the time.
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Is the pain in the leg generalized or does it hurt more when you press on different places along the leg?

Your faceplant may have strained some things before the bindings released.

Did your new Chiro manipulate your legs?
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Originally Posted by Kneale Brownson View Post
Is the pain in the leg generalized or does it hurt more when you press on different places along the leg?

Your face plant may have strained some things before the bindings released.

Did your new Chiro manipulate your legs?
It hurts along the front from ankle to knee, on the leg that was broken. Nerves healing, perhaps?

What is the likelihood I have serious pain 4 days after double ejecting....but not that day, the next, etc? It seems odd that I wouldn't have any problems until the day of the chiro appointment. She didn't do any leg work: just neck, shoulders and upper back work.

Most of the pain is on my left knee. I'm back to limping and hobbling around.
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I'll bet you banged your knee in the crash, and the pain radiating down from there is the soreness from general bruising. Your other issues probably hid some of the initial soreness.

However, Chiro manipulations could contribute to shooting pains in the limbs.
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I saw her again today (she takes Sun and Mon off) and she insisted that her adjustments wouldn't cause these issues.

She also said I have a 'cranium fault'. I've never heard of such a thing. She told me that our skulls are not one piece and that the plates where they meet are jammed together. That would be a wonderful thing if that's the problem, but I'm not sure that I can buy the whole concept.

I need a second opinion. I'll ask Dr. D in Spokane if he thinks that's a plausible scenario.

Not skiing today. I walked around a while and my knee is just not cooperating. Resting up.
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Our skulls ARE multi pieced. At birth, the sections are separated. They grow together as we age. I think you need to find a Chiro who doesn't need to revert to terminology to justify her activities. She could be causing you injury.
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I think you need to not see any chiropractors at all, and find a smart, talented physiotherapist. Chiropractors really bother me. They never seem to actually fix anything, but have you coming back to them for ever. Whereas physios fix the problem AND whatever caused the problem in the first place.
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Have you ever tried craniosacral therapy?

Now, first thing: I think it's a bunch of hooey. Well, 99% chance of it being hooey. My massage therapist was becoming certified in craniosacral, though, and she wanted to practice on me (ie, I didn't have to pay for it). So I've had it done a few times.

I guess I felt better, but I didn't feel that bad to begin with. However, I never felt worse afterward, like chiro can do, so maybe it's worth a shot. Some people swear by it, and an industry does exist ... I really don't trust it, but for you, anything is worth a shot.
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We're in a time warp here. The local hospital, Berkshire Medical Center, or BMC, has a nickname: Bury More Citizens.

My head does feel a little better today, however, after having her move my head around. I don't have issues with chiropractors. Most of the time they really help. I was in a car accident in the 90's and I got relief with Dr. D in Spokane. I'm not against chiropractic help at all.

My physical therapist helps, also. My insurance company only covers 8 visits a year now, and I'm on number 3, so I'm cut loose there, too. The funny thing is, everyone is required to have medical insurance in this state now. Our taxes pay for those who can't afford it. We pay for our subsidized insurance also.....but I'll bet you dollars to donuts that the government subsidized insurance will cover more than 8 lousy PT visits.

I'm without a neurologist and a physical therapist, and I'm still in the same condition (actually worse, since even walking now is a real pain).

I think I'm just getting arthritic and old. I am concerned about my knee and the shooting pains up my broken leg. After 2 years of healing, these are new pains.

I have thought about giving up skiing, but the thought never stays long. I just have to dial it back another notch. I hope I don't run out of notches.

There's always snow tubing!
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Yuk, that sounds terrible! Those things you can't control must be the worst ones to deal with, especially when you don't know the root causes of the problems.

Hopefully you can get this stuff figured out, sooner rather than later!
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
I am concerned about my knee and the shooting pains up my broken leg. After 2 years of healing, these are new pains.
If the pain is around the calf you might have extra good reason to be concerned. That's where the blood clots that lead to deep vein thrombosis start, Shooting pain is a common symptom. That would be really bad news because folks on blood thinners to treat blood clotting aren't supposed to ski.

But if the pain is more along the shin I doubt that is the issue.
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Shin pain. Can I get an amen? ha

Dawg, are you getting along? Walking yet? How is the leg?
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I saw the orthopedist today. He took x-rays of both knees.

My broken leg is healing fine, not quite 100% filled yet, but that is no big deal. No sign of anything there in the x-ray or by manipulation. He has no idea what would cause shin pain unless I over extended something. I had muscle pains while sitting in a chair waiting for him. It feels like a horribly long charlie horse on my shin.

On my left knee, the only thing that shows in the film is arthritis. On manipulation, it hurts when it rotates a certain way. He also said my knee is 'loose'......which could be from the torn ACL in 1993 which just healed on its own. If it continues to hurt, I'm to come in for an MRI. He's leaving for Afghanistan soon for 3 months, so I will need to see an associate.

In the meantime, I'm to continue the PT exercises but not to the point of pain, and I can ski, but nothing exerting until the pain is gone and I can climb stairs normally, etc.

Nothing exerting. Pooping around on the greens at the Gathering. I'll be skiing alone.
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I'll be skiing alone

I'll bet there will be others happy to poop around on some of those greens with you.
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I hear the greens are even daunting, relative to what we're used to skiing out East.
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If they're anything like Snowbird's "green", yes.
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There's always Snow King, or Grand Targhee. Try em all, see what I can do.

I have been waking up the last few days with numb and tingling arms that do not stop being tingly and numb for hours after I wake up. I stretch and move around and it just won't leave. The chiropractor wants me to buy carpel tunnel wrist braces and sleep in them. Joy.

I actually felt GOOD for about 2 hours this afternoon! Nothing hurt.....not head, not knees, nothing! I wonder what's wrong?

I painted a little bit every day (doing the dining room). Normally, I'd blaze through the room with primer one day and topcoat the next, but this has taken 4 days. I'm taking it easy. I paint for a couple of hours, then I rest.

My knees have quit hurting (still have the shin pain, but only when I'm down for the night), my HEAD actually stopped throbbing for a couple of hours, and I felt GREAT. Wham bam thank you maam.....I leaned over in the shower and it was instantly back. WTF.

2 hours of headache free living since June, 2007. wow.
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Sounds like a little breakthrough to me. I remember the first time I went three days without a headache since 2001. It was last February. Keep trying neuros til someone finds a rescue med that will buy you some relief.
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Keep charting when it stops, and when it starts, and why. The head going forward thing is something I get too. It's all related to muscles and stuff in the upper spine and neck. I can't lie on my stomach and read anymore, major migraine material.
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I definitely would not submit to any further chiro head/neck twisting and other manipulations until you determine the reason for hands going numb and/or tingling abnormally. Those symptoms for my wife only went away a year after the surgeon put a plate and screws in her neck.
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I should just stay away from the doctors altogether and save my money. I don't get much from them anyway.

I'm down to 600 mg of Neurontin daily in my weaning process.

I skied last night in the bitter cold (3 degrees, some wind). I did ok, but not great. I took it very easy, didn't do anything strenuous. I got a headache about 9 pm. Went home, and played a word game till 1 am with Jeff and a friend who came up to ski with us.

I woke up this morning with knee pain, headache at 9, and just felt like crap. I still feel that way. I have the women's clinic tomorrow, and it will be cold again (single digits). I'm not excited about skiing again so soon. This sucks. Jackson Hole trip is in 10 days.
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
Nothing exerting. Pooping around on the greens at the Gathering. I'll be skiing alone.
Tey sure do have some nice greens over there though. Nothing wrong with that and it's great for your skiing. Have fun!
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C'mon, epic. How many of the people on the Gathering list really want to spend any time on the baby trails out there? I wouldn't want to spend a day on them if I had any other place to ski. It will be lonely. While all the guys are bombing around in groups and bonding, Batgirl will be saddled with me gimping around for a week. Sounds like a bunch of fun, eh? Not for her, I'm sure.

At the Friday free ski a few years ago at Stowe (before ESA) when I was skiing fairly well (for me), none of the Bears skied with me. It's just the way it is....when people have to wait on you, they don't. It's ok. I don't need a group. One is enough.
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Bonni - I don't know quite what to say. When I took a look at my old subscribed threads I was very surprised to see this one still alive and kicking. I just spent the past few hours catching up on your progress (or lack thereof) in this thread. It was quite a page turner

I have to tell you that you're quite an inspiration and I'm sorry that I didn't stick with Epic through my recovery period. I just don't have your strength. Any normal person would never have had the guts to fight as hard as you have for so long.

I can't possibly help you with the myriad of ailments still troubling you, but I can report to you that I still deal with leg swelling every single day. I have to be very careful about what kind of socks I wear and where the elastic top is positioned - and I have to move it around during the day to prevent problems. I'm glad you were able to get the rod removed - I can't find a doctor that will do the operation for me (I've even gone to Steadman-Hawkins - world renowned).

Here's a hug and I will send "feeling good" vibes your way every day.
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
C'mon, epic. How many of the people on the Gathering list really want to spend any time on the baby trails out there?
Well... I do that almost every single day. Maybe not in JH, but it's not the worst thing that could happen. And ya know what, those pics from Bosquet looked pretty decent. Sure they were just stills, but you looked pretty good. Maybe you'll be able to do more than you think. You could try some nordic skiing too. It's right there. Have fun damn it. I'll be wishing I was there, so you'd better not waste the trip.
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Noodler, please don't compare injuries. Yours was much more severe. VSP and I had it pretty easy by comparison.

It does seem odd that they won't remove the rod, though. From looking at the x-rays, it looks like it's in the same position as mine. Unless it's needed for continued strength....but that doesn't even make sense because you only have one nail left. The bit about it being bent and close to the knee.....I don't buy that, either. What's the real reason? Could the original doc have made a mistake installing (which is why you've had issues and repeated corrective surgery)? I'd be asking for details.

I hear you on the swelling. My ankle still hurts pretty bad at times, and I get swelling by the end of the day. If I run my hand over my ankle at the screw incisions, it's very sensitive and still sore. I try to massage that area regularly, but it's still painful. My knee is still numb in an area about 6 inches around. It's improving, but very slowly. I can kneel on softer surfaces for short periods of time. It's coming along. YOU WILL, TOO.

I won't waste the trip, epic. I've been to a Gathering and a couple of ESA events, and if not for one person at each of these, I would be skiing alone. Thank God for the one skier who wants to dial it down and ski with the lesser skilled.

I have empathy for lesser skilled skiers and have learned to seek them out. They need someone to ski with so that they can gain confidence and have Company. When Bears gather, and you're low man on the 'skills' pole, it's not much fun. I will have company for a while, and that's good.
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Bonni, has this endless rehab ended?ski-smile





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My little skiing guy!!     Cirque, you've made my day!


I took a fall Sunday at Targhee on Dreamweaver about halfway down.   I was going headfirst down the slope at a pretty good clip and remembered Bob Peters' thread about self-arrest from years ago.   I had already lost one pole, but grabbed the other one and dug the basket in the snow to help spin me feet first downhill.


It worked, but my legs got all twisted together.


The bad knee got worse, but it's ok to ski on.  I couldn't put pressure on the front of my broken leg.  OW DAMMIT!!!  I got down on the cat track and called it a day.


I took yesterday off and Jeff and I walked around town.  I noticed little electric shocks running down the front of my leg and ending in my 4th toe, but thought I'd be ok.


I got to Jackson Hole this morning feeling good and put on my boots.  I stood up and that was all she wrote.   I could not walk, let alone try to put pressure on the shin of that stupid broken leg.   


I'm done out here. 



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Were your skis still on when your legs got "all twisted up?"

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According to Jeff, the downhill ski slipped out from under me and I did a large wedge and just sunk down onto my knees, then fell over.   Skis were still on.


I'm feeling better.

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