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Good ideas, sib. I'll mention them when I talk to my PCP...after Christmas. Something has to give.

I apologize for being snarky today. I just want to kill something. Where's those mice!!??
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Skied one run today with a headache so horrible I didn't even want to leave the house to go, but I haven't missed a New Year's Day skiing in a long time. (If you remember, I skied last year after barfing at home, in the parking lot, and gearing up, but felt good once I 'clicked in'.)

They were blowing snow on nearly every trail, and after becoming a frozen, glazed donut by the time I got off the lift (it was butt cold), I said enough, and went in.

I thought about just tying one on last night and getting really drunk. Perhaps if I got toasted, the usual hangover that people get would be absent since I have it normally without even smelling alcohol. Drink myself sane, so to speak. I didn't. I had one celebratory Bailey's on the rocks, and that was it.

The weather is going to be excellent through the weekend, so I don't need to ski every day. We'll get some time in the next 3 days.

I'm registering tomorrow for a women's clinic taught by a lovely woman in her 70's. She's a DYNAMO. The clinic is every Monday morning for 5 weeks. We'll meet for breakfast and get some ski instruction and I'll meet other women who ski. It would be nice to have a local friend who skis.....help get me out there instead of cowering in fear at home.
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Hey Bonni! Lovin' you!

I've been busy with the whole death defying thing (driving to and from Oregon over snow, black ice, freezing rain on snow, frozen snow ruts, and hub deep standing water, not to mention my typical ski day), so I haven't taken the time recently that you are more appreciated in these parts than I can say (in spite of my considerable propensity for over the top articulation). May your body be relieved of its affliction, and your spirits be raised.

Thanks for caring about a surly curmudgeon like myself. You rock!
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Posting in this very important thread must have something to do with making excellent coffee using your hemp filter?

Shine on.
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Bonni, good to see you getting out on the slopes.
The clinic sounds like a great opportunity. Please report on it.
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Clinic report in the....instruction forum? I'll put it there but don't know how to pigeonhole it.

I saw Dr. K today (PCP) and he wants me to:

Wean myself off the Neurontin.
Find a headache clinic and go there.

He's amazed I'm skiing, but not really surprised. He just shook his head and said "Do what you can do, when you can do it."

My leg is good, and it's not hurting much. There is hope. I skied at Bromley Sunday, and skied today for 3 hours in a clinic. If I could only ditch this headache.....
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I've been thru the UNC Headache Clinic (three years). They were able to get me in an acupuncture migraine clinical study. It didn't work for me, but they did find some rescue meds that did/do work for me.
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I need a rescue.
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LOL cats........LOL.

I've been trying to call for 2 days now to get an appointment at either of 2 headache clinics. One is near Boston and one is in Hartford, CT (which is 2 hours closer to home).

Hartford won't answer the phone. I left a message.

Boston had me on hold for 10 minutes listening to blaring messages in Portuguese and Spanish about flu shot, punctuated by whispering messages about how my call is important to them. After 10 minutes (I looked at the time on my phone), they dumped me out and I was listening to a dial tone!

Their website boasts this message:
"Everything from the style and tone of the waiting room to the services offered were suggested by women headache sufferers to address their special concerns. Fragrance-free magazines, soothing, Zen colors, soft, muted lighting, and classical music are complimented by a green tea machine. For migraine sufferers, this space is ideal. It minimizes the many triggers that can aggravate the severe head pain, vomiting and nausea, and sensitivity to light, sound and smell that mark this chronic neurological disease."

After spending half an hour waiting, redialing and getting absolutely nowhere, I have a Worse Headache. So much for minimizing triggers.

I'm on hold as we speak, listening to a LOUD Haitian/Creole message on flu shots again. When the phone rang, a woman said "Cambridge Health Alliance, hold please" and was gone before I could say WAIT!.....

Call this number and just listen. 617-591-4590
Does it sound like something migraine listeners want to hear?

I finally got someone after almost 90 minutes. Waiting list for an appointment is 6 months out.
Do I really want to put myself through this irritation every time I need an appointment, need to talk to anyone, etc?
I told her to forget it.
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My experience with headache clinics is typically when they do answer they tell you 6 months is the soonest they can see you. Then you wait at least an hour when you get there on time (every time, not just the first appointment). Then you fill out all these questionnaires asking about every headache you've ever had along with entire medical history of your extended family. Then they spend about 10 minutes with you and offer you samples and scripts. Expect it to take all day when you go.
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Thanks for the encouraging report, cr. Jeez, I'm all atwitter with anticipation.

I had also left an email with this place and they did call me back. Same bimbo, but to her credit she didn't remember me telling her to forget it.

We set up an appointment for May 27. What the hell.....at least I have an appointment. She asks for my phone number. Then she asks for a 'ultimatum' number. I tell her I don't have one. (Hey, I'm nice, I don't need to threaten you with ultimatums yet, lady.)

I then ask what I need to bring the first visit: doctor's notes, x-rays, journals, etc. She says, "Just get the referral from your PCP and HMO". I guess that's more important than documentation. I'm going to go without anything? Swell.

I maintain that proper intake personnel can make or break your practice. I already have a bad attitude with them.
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Just bring your headache

And bring something to read
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post
Just bring your headache

And bring something to read
That's always there.

And if I had a ski book, I'd take that with me......
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After a 6 month hiatus from Epic, I hoped to return to find that your pain is gone. Even though it is not, I am glad you are back on the slopes.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and wish you the best.
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
That's always there.

And if I had a ski book, I'd take that with me......
I was given a terrific ski book for Christmas (actually I got THREE!). It's "Two Planks and a Passion" and starts out with skiing predating the WHEEL. Great stuff, I'm half way done.
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Hey Fish! Good to know you're still breathing and enjoying life. Happy reading in the forums. Are ya skiing this year?

I'll check out that book, sib. Thanks!

Today I shovelled snow and used the snowblower for 90 minutes. Did my PT exercises. Had a good breakfast of oatmeal and fruit.

I still feel like I'm hungover.
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My first day out was Monday. I skied for 10 hours. I am still recovering.
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I quit drinking nearly 10 years ago and I know exactly what you mean. It really does feel like a hangover, especially when trying to get out of bed. It usually subsides some with activity, but creeps back when I try to relax. My wife can tell when I'm getting a migraine because I won't sit still. If I do it has to be completely still, in bed, in a dark quiet room.

I'm OK so far today, but still have periods of several days in a row where I need something triptan to function.
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I don't get relief. I'm literally going mad.....quietly.

If I could draw what I feel like, I would draw a cartoon of a small person standing on an oversized manhole cover (person hole cover for the politically correct) with a monster's arms flailing to get out underneath. The headache is still a pain to keep from boiling over into everything in life, but I'm a 2 year time bomb.

Good thing I'm a woman and can handle most anything life throws at me.
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
Good thing I'm a woman and can handle most anything life throws at me.
You just wrote a GREAT country song
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It's rather crazy, to be honest. This condition, just continuing, it's just incredible. A headache clinic is probably a good place to go, or a uni where they research things like this might get you an approach where they want to explore the issue, delve to the cause, which is what you need. Soemone who wants to *know*, not just get your money and see the next patient.

If this was caused by your inhaling a pill, this is a new thing and somewhere, someone, wants to know about this and research it.
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You'd think so, but I get the impression everyone wants to see the next patient and get the money. The exasperation on Dr. S's face on my last visit told me that he just wants simple things he can remedy and not a puzzle that drags on forever. I suppose it's an ego crusher for him but it's a killer for me.

Snorting a pill is not new according to the ER people at the local hospital. I guess it's quite common. That leads me to believe that's not the cause.

I have an appointment on Tuesday with a new chiropractor. I told her what I was looking for and what I've tried. I need someone local and if she doesn't work out, I'll keep running through all the chiro's here until I find one. Other than moving away, I'm at a loss.
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See post #38 in the Bowflex thread.

We ski at night on Saturday and it's dark, colder, and the snow has all been pushed hither and yon. That's another workout, for me at least. We're supposed to get 6-12 inches of snow starting tonight. This should be FUN!!!

Headache has settled in at a dull 6 out of 10 on the scale of pain over the last 2 days. I can live with 6. We'll see what tomorrow brings after I ski again tonight. It's always worse after I do physical things.
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Just 8 days short of 2 years post-injury, I double ejected out of my skis tonight and crashed big time.

I lived.

I was zipping along pretty good (well, for the tortoise speed that is my usual) and I dunno what happened, but I found myself going down instead of turning to the left.

You know that feeling of slow-motion when things are happening? Not a chance this time, it was quicker than a 6 legged dog after a 3 legged cat. Bam! I was assessing the damage even before I realized I wasn't wearing skis anymore. Jeff helped me gather my skis and poles from all over the hill.

It had been snowing for a while (I ski at night on Saturday and it was about 8:40 pm), and there was about 3 inches of new light and fluffy over some fairly good hardpack. Snow quality was EXCELLENT and I was skiing really well. Funny, I said the Exact Same Thing Jan. 18, 2007.

I wrenched myself pretty good, and I won't know till tomorrow if I'm going to be sore. I know one thing: my head is no longer at a 6 on the pain scale.

I absolutely must feel good enough to ski tomorrow! We're supposed to have 6-12 inches of this perfect snow and dammit, I want to play in it!

If you live in New England and are getting this dry snow, Ski Tomorrow!

PS. I saw a beautiful FOX loping down our street on the way home. It was 10:20 pm, and I saw his eyes shining in the headlights before he turned and trotted down a driveway and across a lawn less than a block from home. He was probably eating corn I left for the squirrels.
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There will be no skiing today. I'm sure I could ski if I wanted to, but the hip I was working on in PT is hurting a little and I have a couple of scrapes on my right knee and a bruise. This is on the leg that was broken.

I'm a little sore everywhere, but overall, not as bad as I thought. I have the women's clinic tomorrow and I'd rather be fresh(er) for that. It will sting to stay in today, but I'm sure there will be scads of kids on snowboards, whereas tomorrow the hill will be empty.

Like my physical therapist said, "Would you rather ski well every other day, or ski like crap every day?"
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I dare you not to get misty watching this incredible man.

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I skied well in the Monday clinic and stayed out quite a bit. All is well.

I had a visit with a new chiropractor and she's very good. We spent a lot of time assessing, questioning, testing strength, etc. I believe she's knowledgable and will work with me to help relieve some of the stress my body is feeling. I'm tight in a lot of areas around my neck, and today, I feel better mobility wise in that area.

The headache is still there, and I have a curious pain in my leg in the area of the break.
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Does the sun ever shine?

Over the last couple days, my right leg is hurting from knee to ankle in the front. My left arm is having episodes of tingling and numbness. My left knee (the arthritic one) has the same feeling as being hyper-extended. Ouch. Walking is difficult.

When I lean over for more than a few seconds, I get an electric shock kind of tingling and an ache in my lower back. This is new.

I put in a call to the chiropractor. Could it be something somewhere is pinched? I feel worse than before I went.
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Take care of yourself. You owe us some turns at Blue Knob
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