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When my chihuahua broke her back leg, it became apparent that the normal treatment is to put a rod in, but she broke the complex bit, and no rods were made small enough for her bones. So the leg eventually had to come off as they couldn't fix it. So it's just as well people-legs are straight, and not "dog leg" shaped.
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Basically VSP told me about his discussion with his doctor about the benefits of the hardware removal. For him (and most likely me too) he needs to have all the hardware pulled to have any chance of getting back all of his original range of motion. The big one he mentioned though is that if you ever were to break the same leg again AND the rod was still in there at the time of the accident - well, ugh. It wouldn't be pretty - rod removal from a broken leg is a very messy situation.

I plan on discussing everything with my doc, but what I took away from VSP's advice/plans was that if you ever plan on doing anything somewhat risky again you're better off getting all of the hardware removed.
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That's a matter of different points of view from different Orthopedists. When my husband broke his femur, his doc told him that it would be ugly if he broke that leg with the rod in place, however, because it was the largest weight bearing bone in the body, it would take 6 months to a year for the leg to gain all its strength back, essentially, "filling in the missing area of the bone" would take far longer than the actual healing of the break, and the things my husband cold do in the mean time were VERY limited. Also he added the likely hood of breaking a bone with a rod in it, due to the strength it adds is very unlikely.

10 years later, when my husband had the tib/fib break on the same leg, the original orthopedist had retired and he had a new doc. This doc essentially told him the same thing. The Rod adds strength and the likelyhood of breaking it with a rod in it is minimal.
FYI, my husband is in the excavation busines, Races Dirtbikes, skis, and snowmobiles. He hasn't lost any range of motion.

Your break is different in that you have some damage to the ankle area(IIRC) That may make a difference in your range of motion, with the metal left in.
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I believe Bonni has a small black cloud hanging over her.

Last evening, just as she always does, she took 3 or 4 pills an hour or so before she was ready to go to bed, coughed as she was swallowing them and ended up coughing one into her sinus cavity. Try as she might, no amount of effort was enough to dislodge the pill.

2 hours later, with a massive headache and very painful mouth and teeth, we are in the ER for what eventually ended up being IV pain, nausea and anxiety meds, followed by a nasal irragation.

To top it off at one point last night, in the ER, in pain or frustration she slapped her thigh to let off a bit of steam---you guessed it---the wrong leg!

Now resting not so comfortably.

I'd have never guessed such an event was a medical emergency that it is. I was also surprised the attending said it is a fairly common occurance.
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Skier_J, Let her know we're thinking of her. This can't be easy on her, or you. It can be very difficult when you're watching someone you love go through this type of thing.
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thanks TC

I'm sure she'll pop in here soon with a first person version!
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Thanks, Jeff. I'm still tired from not sleeping.
Warning: never cough while taking medications.

When this happened I didn't think anything of it until it started to dissolve.....and burn. And I mean Burn. I found out which pill it was from dissolving one each of the others, and the one that didn't dissolve immediately was the pravastatin (cholesterol med), so I assumed that was the one since there was a half hour delay in the pain that followed.

I tried shooting water up my nostril, but nothing came out. An hour later it was so bad, I felt like I snorted bees, my teeth hurt badly, I had a 'pizza burn' type feel to my soft palate and gums, and a migraine that was making me physically sick.

I called poison control, and they said if the pill didn't come out with irrigation you have a medical emergency. Go to the hospital. I started to ask another question and he said, "Maam, I'm going to repeat this: the pill did not come out. You have a medical emergency. Go to the ER."

So we went. And I'm glad. The doc showed Jeff the inside of my nose, which was red indicating a chemical burn. I still feel bad, but most of that could be from lack of sleep and headache. I'm on hydrocodone, amoxycillin, Motrin, and doing nasal rinses twice a day for the next 5 days. They don't want a sinus infection to set in. I still blow nasty yellow colored bits of pill out my nose. I can't feel my gums.

But hey! My leg doesn't hurt for the first time in 6 weeks!
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And when the dust settled, the bandages were removed, and the last pain killer was taken, the reporter asked Bonni, "So now that you are fully healed what do you want to do?" Ski damn it!! was Bonni's reply.

Stay strong, feel better.
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When it rains it pours I guess. That's a good one - I definitely learned something and I'll be sure to be very careful when taking any meds!

I'm glad you're past the incident and hopefully in a week or so you'll be no worse for the wear and you'll suddenly realize that your leg is much better.
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Yuck. Some of those pills are coated in stuff for very good reasons as I've found with the stuff Wal mart sells as a sleep-helper; it's actually an anti-histamine and if you buy the anti-histamine version of it, it's cheaper!

So i did. but the full tablet has me groggy well into the next day, so i just chew about 1/3rd off. But it makes your whole mouth and throat go numb and it isn't very nice. Swallowed whole, you never realise what a vicious little pill it is. (Called Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride).
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Originally Posted by XJguy View Post
And when the dust settled, the bandages were removed, and the last pain killer was taken, the reporter asked Bonni, "So now that you are fully healed what do you want to do?" Ski damn it!! was Bonni's reply.

Stay strong, feel better.

I DO dream skiing! When I do, it's perfect weather.....24 degrees, sunny in spots, slight breeze. The snow is perfectly deep, perfectly powdered sugar and it floats up to my face and tickles me to my delight....and my skis ease through it without thought or care. I'm gliding in harmony with the mountain........and in absolutely no pain. The trail never ends and it's a blissful journey without end.

Then I wake up, and the cat has perched his rear on my face.:
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That is exactly what the hard coating on some pills is for: to keep from burning out your esophagus in case you don't swallow right away! Lethal stuff.

The burning is subsiding a little, whew!

Noodler, I'm changing my race and name. I will now be known as Bonni BlackCloud.
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Definitely unpleasant. What's the old saying? "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" or something like that.

Hang in there and get well.
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I like that - forgot about the old "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" - I need to remember that one next season if I get back on the mountain. I'm going to need all the positive mental thoughts I can find - and Bonni, too!
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We'll be back. Do you think you can sit by while January dumps its winter bounty and not ski?

If Bode can do this, we can poop around a little bit:
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Remember the Hermanator. His leg injuries from the motorcycle crash were way worse than anything you guys had.
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Originally Posted by Kneale Brownson View Post
Remember the Hermanator. His leg injuries from the motorcycle crash were way worse than anything you guys had.
Way ahead of you, Kneale:

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Except hermann had his leg set so he could still ski, but he'll never walk freely again.
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He's got his priorities straight, ant.
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It's over 2 weeks later, and I'm still not over the Pill Snorting Incident.

I've settled into a permanent migraine state, and I saw a specialist on Friday who ordered a CT scan of my sinuses. I am blowing out some horrid discharge that looks like coffee grounds and scrapings from well oxidized copper (bluish greenish) in a gelatinous yellow mess. It hurts to read or move my head, my teeth still hurt and I don't really sleep. Hours pass like days.

On the lighter side, my leg feels pretty darn good, and I'll find out if I can start walking on Tuesday. If not for the migraine, I might just feel normal for the first time in over 2 months.

It snowed 18 inches on Friday. It looks absolutely beautiful. Jeff skied Friday night while it was coming down, and again Saturday, and he had a great time. :
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So, if your leg hurts, the trick is to snort a pill the wrong way and that'll take your mind off the sore leg, eh? Wouldn't acupuncture be easier?
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How about taking a rubber mallet to a finger, a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, or a cheese grater to the armpit?

All preferable to Pill Snorting.
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Chestnuts. May cause gastric upset.

Originally Posted by Noodler View Post
I'm going to need all the positive mental thoughts I can find - and Bonni, too!
Speed is your Ally!

Buttkicking for Goodness!

Go Muscles, GO! Never mind what the neurons say!

It's not Pain, it's Tickling!

It's not Sweat, it's your fat cells crying!

Bigger, Stronger, Fatser!
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post

Bigger, Stronger, Fatser!
Ayuh! That it is!
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Must have been some very evil chemicals in that pill.
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laugh Bonni laugh ..

Nose stuff!

When I was a little kid I put a button up my schnozz. They strapped me to a table in the hospital to go up there with a roto rooter.

Now .... this is no schizzz!

A doc my wife worked with came out of surgery one day a few years back and he was amazed. His patient was a woman in her late 30's and she had suffered from chronic sinus irritation for years. "Something", an amorphic mass, did show up on the X-ray and when the doc went in to remove the "offending body" ....

A Barbie high heel ... .... then it started coming back to her ... she didn't want to get in trouble so she didn't tell Mom!
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It was not something I'd do again even if you paid me, ant.

Barbie kills.

Good news.....the doc said no PT yet! My range of motion is GREAT, and "you've got the hard part done." I still need strength PT, but that has to wait for more healing. There is visible bone healing going on and he'd like to see more, but he's satisfied with what is there for now.

I can walk if I want to, and I have been cruising around the house without aid, but I still need help for distances and will use a cane rather than the cumbersome walker when I go out. My neighbor found a wheelchair at Goodwill for $25, and I cleaned that up for when I want to go shopping for more than just a short in and out. I still tire easily.

The bad news is that the neuroma foot is now worse than the broken leg, and I can't address that until I can walk solely on the injured side. Ay yi yi.

I have another appointment Friday with a different doc for the nose. I don't trust this last guy (or his inept staff) and will get a second opinion. They didn't have me down for an appointment....but someone named Barbara Bennett was in my time slot. I even spelled my name when I made the appointment! "Oh, that must be you, did you inhale cough syrup?" No, I coughed a pill into my sinuses. Gee, same thing to them, just write down anything, ya got the two B's right.:

I saw him for about 4 minutes on Friday and he ordered a CT scan and said use nasal spray and a listerine type product.

I spend the weekend with a migraine, same as usual for the last 18 days, and call Monday. Results are in, I'll tell the doctor to call you. I wait all day, then call back at 3:30pm, I'm tired of waiting. If it's an infection, I want to start on anti-biotics. If it isn't, I need to find out why I have this headache and start fixing it.

After 2 minutes on hold, she comes back and says, "What can I help you with?" like she doesn't know she put me on hold, I run through the story again. She says, "Let me find out what I can." She comes back on the phone a few minutes later. "The doctor said your CT scan was normal."

"So.........it's not an infection, why am I still sick?" She answers, "I don't know. That's all the doctor told me."

"Well, what do I do now?" I'm getting irritated. "I don't know. That's all the doctor told me."

"Am I supposed to just do NOTHING else for this? What about the headaches?" She says, "I don't know."

Doc cares so much he can't even bother to talk to me? GRRR.

So I said "You know what? Cancel my next appointment that I had in THREE WEEKS. I'll take my money somewhere else." She got all snotty with me. WTF? Is it me??

So I get to wait all week with this horrid headache to see someone else, with no relief. I paid this doctor $145 for an office visit. :
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I did manage to get the doc to give me the pictures of my pre and post surgery leg.

This is before they took the boot off. You can see a faint outline of the boot itself. It actually was a pretty good splint.

This one below is post boot removal. Someone is pushing on my foot for some reason. Good thing I wasn't there.

Here's the rod at the ankle:

And near the break:

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glarg. That's revolting. I hope I never break anything. a colleague did a very similar break some weeks back, leaping off cliffs (silly girl). And the worst thing is, US ski patrol can't give pain relief/morphine/anything! Best they could do was some pill to give her amnesia so she wouldn't remember the pain (great). The girl who was with her is still shaking from the screaming and blood and stuff though.
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Originally Posted by Noodler View Post
After some discussions with VSP I think I'm going to have ALL of the hardware removed as soon as they'll let me. I hate to open my knee up again, but the alternatives (as VSP has said) aren't real attractive. I'm hoping for a May operation (I'll chat with the doc in a week or so).
I recommend it too. My ortho scoped out as much scar tissue as possible at the same time and my knee and leg were much more comfortable even just a few days after the removal. I was very upset that I was not able to keep my rod (they told me they could not remove enough of the bone that had grown onto the rod) so it had to be disposed of as bio hazard. I did get to keep the screws. I had my rod and hardware removed 13 months after the original injury. I skied most of the season before having it removed.

Keep up the rehab and keep stretching and bending where you can. It will pay off. I'm guessing I'm a stronger and better skier post injury mainly because of the drive to get back to skiing and all the extra rehab I did to get back in shape.

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