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Wait a minute. Sorry I'm coming late to the party on this one, but you hadn't mentioned this part to me. Why are they giving you asthma meds? Personally, I love my Singulair (I take it in tablet form), but it's not quite like Claritin. It's not an antihistimine (as far as I know); it's a steriod to help with bronchial dilation and bring down swelling. And Flovent? Another bronchiodilator? That's the inhaled steroid.

Did I miss something here? I've been flipping back through your posts, trying to see how these meds fit in and can't. Granted, I'm obviously not a doc, but aren't you supposed to be OFF the steriods? Jeff? Can you provide some insight since Bonni's probably out of it right now?

You said something about maybe being put on a nasal inhaler. Just as a warning, some of those give me migraine-like headaches. So if they try to switch you to those, BE CAREFUL!
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rod and hardware all out about 1/2 hour ago, recovery for another 1/2 hour. I took a break for food. All went well according to the orthopod, hardware saved and pain meds as requested.

BG, the gastro guy suggested the Singulair as an educated guess (kind of like when they prescribed Viagra for my mother for a circulation issue). The first go round was, apparently, a mis prescribed inhaler of a stronger version of Flonase. Fixed that and now she has Singulair in pill form.

more later, back to hospital.
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Glad to hear everything has gone so well and that you were successful in getting the hardware back!
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Originally Posted by skier_j View Post
rod and hardware all out about 1/2 hour ago, recovery for another 1/2 hour. I took a break for food. All went well according to the orthopod, hardware saved and pain meds as requested.

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Bonni will be back to doing this > < before you know it.
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Bonzai: Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this!

Bonecrushing Doctor: Don't do that!

W00t!! W00t!!!
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God, I sure hope this clears up all your issues! Since I live in constant fear of a severe migraine coming again (the mild ones are fine with me, thanks..), I can't imagine it going on day after day. I think I'd jump in front of a train. Your endurance is wonderful, but now I hope you are DONE enduring.
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I can't believe I'm home! I can't believe I'm pretty much pain free (at this point in time, so far, but tomorrow may be a whole nuther animal!)!!!!! Pain free for me is still at about 4, but I'll take it thanks. Still have a slight headache, and my ankle hurts like mofo. I guess that's where they held it to pull the rod out? I can't see anything under the calf to arch bandages.

I sat around from 9:30 am till 1 pm waiting to get to the OR. I could have done without all that time to think, but I had a good attitude and didn't puke or stress out (who is this person!!???). Ok, I just lied there. I did stress out, cry, and tossed my apple juice post-op.

When I finally got in to get my IV and discuss anesthesiology (sp, sorry, don't care right now, the guy freaked me out. He told me he was going to give me a femoral block (sp) but I had to be awake. I lost it. Started leaking tears real slowly and said "Why do I have to have more pain?" I guess I didn't understand.

After he explained that once that was done, I would be out under general anespesiolity (sp, it's fun slaughtering words), I was totally relaxed. YAY! I also told him I throw up in recovery, and he said he'd give me nausea meds. YAY! He also said that the femoral block (sp, who gives a rip) will last a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 18 hours. All is good.:

I woke up in recovery with a rod and some screws in a bag on the bedside table. I told them I'm making a windchime out of it. (I'll take pictures of it when I do). It's very small but also very heavy! Hey, it's rustproof, bendproof and will last longer than my grandson's body, can you say family hierloom (sp)? Ahr.

After sucking up a large cup of apple juice at 4 pm after not eating or drinking anything since the night before, true to form I expelled the juice. Another shot of nausea meds and I'm good as gold. I ordered dry wheat toast (and was it ever, ew) and ate it with a large cup of ice water.

I demanded good pain meds and got them. Oxycontin 10 mg time release, one every 12 hours, with a percoset chaser if needed. I feel no pain, but the anesthesiojerkwad (sp) lied to me. It lasted a whole 4 hours.: The nurses were saying, Can you feel this? and squeezing my toes. Duh, I can feel a light brush on them, grrrrr. The other meds must be doing their job, and I am hoping like hell it's similar to Oxycontin 10 mg time release, or I'll be singing a different tune at 4 am.:
I'm glad they asked me which leg it was. All of my paperwork said LEFT LEG. It's the RIGHT leg! They changed the paperwork and gave me a pen and told me to mark it, so I drew an arrow above my kneecap pointing down and wrote "Here, please!" with a smiley face (with hair, of course). That would have really stewed my beef if they got the wrong leg.:

I feel pretty good. This is not like the last time when there was muscle damage, bone damage, psychological trauma and bronchitis as a topper. Doc H did say that he didn't go over the first scar, but cut me a new one. That should be interesting. I won't be able to see if for a while.

He said NO weightbearing at all for 2 weeks, and more likely a month. I asked why so long, and he said something about there being holes to fill......rod and lots of screw holes. It's a Swiss cheese bone.

I hope this cures the other ails. Everything is crossed. I may even find RELIGION!! ha ha just kidding!

Edit: My ankle feels like it was in a clamp. Do you suppose it was, or did manpower hold it while someone pulled the rod out? I forgot to ask. There was an intern in there, also. Perhaps it was him. Doc H is a MOUNTAIN of a guy........if he was holding it, I probably have a broken ankle! :
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Did I mention that I feel pretty good?
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Truly wishing the best for you Bonni.
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Thank you, Cirque. I love you, man.

Did I mention also that
I'm on DRUGS!!!:
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Your guess is as good as mine. I haven't a clue as to why he prescribed those. Let's hope I don't need anything else.
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Yaaay.Binnis giot the hardware out. Eat that breakfast and I hope it sits well with you.

So many of us here pray and hope for your wellbeing. Feel the love of so many to help you in your times of need, hardship and suffering.

If I could take a piece of your pains and suffering i would do so with no regrets.

Hey got any painkillers to spare ? I got this pain that starts low and ends high ? Let's party.
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I'll be awake for a while. Sounds like you started the piaorty without me.
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Someone give me an overdose of morphine.
This headache is back at an 8 on the scale of pain (horrible, is the term) as of 11:40.:::::

I'm as well rested as I've ever been with the headache (I slept last night and wasn't tired when I woke up). I'm well hydrated....peeing clear and copious. My leg does not hurt.

WTF IS THIS?????::

I hope it's residual and will go away, or Jeff will have to have me committed, because I will be insane.
I'm getting weepy again. Must suck it up and try to sleep.
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I think its a bit early to judge the outcome of all this Bonni. You had surgery earlier today to remove that hardware. You've been under the stress of multiple tests, anesthesia, recovery; not to mention all the stuff leading up to this. Did you really think that the results would be instant? Lets assume trace metals had something to do with your symptoms. It takes a long time to metabolize and remove these substances. Whatever problems you are having tonight, are not unforeseeable. You should be resting. You still need to heal. Please take an oxycodone and call me in the morning.
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Oh, bonni, I'm sure this is an unbearable thing for a bear to go through.

I'm hoping that you'll feel some relief when you get the drugs flushed out of your system. After all, you've spent the past year going from one doc to the next, and one drug to the next. With the rod out, you have a chance to let your body get back to some sense of normalcy, (emphasize some).
Keep hydrated, bear what you can and see what you can do to get your body flushed of all the bad stuff.
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Yes, Cirque, I really DID think the headache would go with the other pain. Isn't that what painkillers do?

How strong is an undiagnosed head pain that OxyCONTIN won't touch, but will squelch the pain of having metal chipped and wrenched out of healing bone ....SNAP!....just like that? After knowing that pain for so long, and finding something that takes it away, I was relieved at the fact that 8 hours had gone by without the debilitating pain.

It was a great letdown. Now that I've slept on it (I got a couple of hours), I'm still a little let down. If not for the headache, I would still be asleep. It woke me up.

I'm sure that Trek is right, that once I stop using drugs to kill the current pain, that things will improve. I'm not going cold turkey this week, though.

I hope an MRI now will reveal more than a CT scan did.

After all the talk I did to Doctor H about how I thought I was reacting to the metal, what does he use to suture me up? METAL STAPLES.

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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
fter all the talk I did to Doctor H about how I thought I was reacting to the metal, what does he use to suture me up? METAL STAPLES.
That's cool though, atthisrate, you'll be able to compare scars with Hermann Maier and win.
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No way, the Hermannator's leg was almost OFF!! I have a splinter compared to him. That guy is insane, and deserves an award for most resilient.
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Here's a couple of pictures of the rod and screws. No wonder the screws hurt...there are threads on them, they're rough and the screw points hung out into the meat. Ew.

Doc H said this is the smallest rod he's ever seen. It's only 13 inches long. I'll ask about the process when I have the stitches out in 2 weeks. The knee end of the rod has a large area for a bolt to thread into. There was a cap on it, which he was grateful for (to keep bone from growing into it, I suppose).

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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
I did manage to get the doc to give me the pictures of my pre and post surgery leg.

This is before they took the boot off. You can see a faint outline of the boot itself. It actually was a pretty good splint.

This one below is post boot removal. Someone is pushing on my foot for some reason. Good thing I wasn't there.

Here's the rod at the ankle:

And near the break:

Here's an old post with a picture of those threaded screws in position. The screw heads are rough, too. I noticed some people had nail like attachments, but the ends of those were sharp, too. OW.
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That hurts just looking at it.
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You pronate!

See a boot fitter.:

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Look at those friggin' muscles! Youah no girlie man! Youah like Ahnold!!
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The x-ray tech made me pronate when they manipulated my foot, Cirque.

Those are no longer muscles after a year of limping around. I'm a more lika Roseanna Barra.

Well, the good pain meds are no longer working. I'm in considerable pain in the knee area (and the head as always).

I called my doctor today with questions, but he didn't return my call. I'll try again tomorrow. I called the surgery center, but they are no help. They don't know any answers to my questions. They're advice is to call the doctor or go to the ER.

I sure love our health care system. I have what I consider a major surgery, I'm pushed out the door after 3 hours in recovery. Here, eat some toast, drink and pee, get dressed and go home. $500 copay if i stay 3 hours or 10 days. I literally get no after care at all in this case.

I am in some considerable pain right now, a solid 9 and tears are forming, the oxycontin has not worked like it did yesterday (and I was up more going to the bathroom and stuff), and I can't even get anyone on the phone to answer a couple of questions.

Tomorrow Jeff goes to work and I'm alone all day, except for my neighbor, who bailed on me today once already.

Get me through a couple more days.........:
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I called the doc and got the on call doctor and talked to him at 10 pm. He told me I'm taking the strongest drugs I can get for home use and that he's surprised it isn't working.

I'm not. I've tried lots of painkillers this last year and have gotten crappy results.

I have this strange muscle cramping going on in the knee area (I can see them physically jumping!), and I have taken the following since 6 pm:

1 Oxycontin 10 mg time release (1 every 12 hours)
3 Oxycodone 5/325
4 Nortriptyline 10 mg
2 Tylenol 500 mg

My neighbor said she'd be comatose if she took all that. I haven't felt a shred of pain relief yet. I may as well have eaten Mentos.

I believe I have a problem with pain meds. Why don't they work for me? And why did I not feel pain yesterday? I felt good till about 3 pm today. It's been increasing by the hour.

I will end up in the ER tomorrow if this doesn't subside. It's what I was afraid of going into this: that I wouldn't get pain relief. What do you have to do to get doctors to agree that the normal run of the mill stuff doesn't work for you?
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They gave you a femoral block which is basically a long-acting anesthetic in the nerve that supplies sensation to the entire lower extremity. You were feeling downright spunky while it was on board. As the block wears off (can take 12-36 hours) it's then 'normal' to have the post-op pain become apparent as the nerves become able to transmit signals to and from the brain again. Additionally, as the motor nerves reawaken, the muscles can start firing---basically everything is, in a reptillian sort of way, saying 'protect, protect, protect.' The same thing has happened to me after every femoral block I've had for knee surgery, and I've had four now. Also, you've been on pain meds for a long time and have probably become pretty tolerant of them by now. If I took what you're taking I'd probably stop breathing. Hang in there, you've just had major surgery...
P.S. I'm not your doctor and am not aware of other problems you may have or other potential complications that may arise, so disclaimer given, but it can sometimes be very synergistic (more than additively helpful) to take an antihistamine like Benadryl or Atarax with narcotics for acute surgical pain. Check with your doctor first before doing this. (There's another disclaimer for all you attorneys out there...) Also, be careful about taking Tylenol with Oxycodone 5/325, because the '325' is also Tylenol. Don't want to take too much because it can make your liver unhappy and you've already had some sort of liver issue if I remember correctly.
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Thanks, dd. Although I wonder how I can build up a tolerance if none of it worked in the first place?

I haven't had any pain meds this year except for Nortriptyline...and that was only 10 mg a day until recently. Before that, it was spotty also, trying things like Lyrica and Cymbalta, but never more than a few days of each (bad reactions like vomiting and blurry vision made me stop taking them).

The migraine meds and nerve block shots to the head didn't work, either. Topamax I used for a whole 4 or 5 days. All total, I didn't take that much in the way of painkillers last year, but I tried many.

I must be immune.

I'll try to just tough it out till I can function again.
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Bonnie, I suspect your headaches may be stress related. Topamax is merely a migraine prevention med. You probably need a triptan like Imitrex or Amerge.
I've had debilitating migraines several times a week for the past 7 years,and Imitrex is the only thing that works as a rescue most of the time. But they have started to ease up some this year.

We're all pulling for you to start feeling better out here
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