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What's to miss, Cirque? I used to be a skier, then shyte happened.

Ah, yes, the Doormat Debacle. Sad, indeed. Never forget there is a mat under 2 feet of snow......when it melts, you'll find the lovely pieces of matting scattered in nice blower fashion....
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12 horse Ariens 2 stage. I never noticed the mat until the stuff coming out was no longer white and fluffy!

Later that session I inadvertantly tried to snowblow a 4 or 5 inch square marble property marker that sticks out of the ground about 4 inches or more. When the auger hit it the rebound took both handles right out of my hands!
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Originally Posted by skier_j View Post
Later that session I inadvertantly tried to snowblow a 4 or 5 inch square marble property marker that sticks out of the ground about 4 inches or more. When the auger hit it the rebound took both handles right out of my hands!
Yikes! That's what I call "kick back!"

- KK
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KK, ask skier_j what happens when a table saw kicks back.::

Sorry, dear.

Hey KK, where is that chiro cheatsheet? It's urgently needed. I just fired my current chiro who left me in more pain than what I started with instead of the pain relieving care I got from Dr. D in Spokane. I need someone who can actually treat me other than flying back to Spookaloo every week.
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Ohh!!! Okay, I'll get on it....

- KK
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I'm anxiously awaiting that massive tome, KK.

After yesterday's adjustment........the Last One Ever.....I spent all night unable to lie or sit without pain. It's better today, but then again, I started taking the steroids again, and they're just kicking in.

Today I barked at my PCP's secretary. No one answered my voicemail from yesterday (there isn't even a person you can talk to when you call the office......that is getting old), and we had it out.

She said if I need to see someone else you get the appointment THEN call for the referral. Well, what Dr. K is trying to do is get a gastro and a neurologist on the case at the Same Time, which is a little different. She said she'd have him call me. Yeaaah.:

I guess I have to do it all myself.
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(I managed a multi-doctor Chiropractic clinic for three years. Then I was a business consultant to DCs for another year.) As with *any* healthcare profession, you've got your good ones and your bad ones. I have a personal bias toward DCs who studied at Palmer (in Iowa) or Logan (Missouri) but there are still fine docs from the other schools.

I first went to a DC for excruciating low back pain. But I've had the doc adjust my knee, my wrists, my ribs and even my shoulder blade (which *fixed* the shoulder problems my "Sports Medicine-oriented MD/Ortho" insisted needed surgery). I've also learned an adjustment can *stop* my debilitating migraine headaches as if someone simply "flipped the switch" and turned-off the headache. (Yahoo!!! Those things used to incapacitate me for three days.)

After big injuries (I used to compete in karate.) I've gone in three times a week. Now I'm on a "maintenance" schedule. I get adjusted about once a month ... and sometimes go as long as six weeks....

Here's my suggested questions to get answered when you are shopping for a good Doctor of Chiropractic. Usually the Office Manager can answer these questions. Sometimes the "CA" (Chiropractic Assistant) can. If they cannot, they'll have the doc call you back him/herself:

1 - Where'd the doc study? (Remember my bias is I love hearing "Palmer, in Iowa" and/or "Logan".)

2 - How long has the doc been in private practice? Any time as an "Associate"? (Associates are new grads who sign on with an experienced DC or Clinic for (about) two years to learn from docs who are already succeeeding. Then they go independent....) If the doc graduated in the past year, the chances of them being efficient (quick) to properly diagnose and treat is (obviously) less.... (I like to hear they've been practicing at least five years.)

3 - What adjusting "techniques" do they employ? What's the doc's preferred technique? (There are dozens of different techniques they use to align your joints. You'll hear ... Diversified, Activator, Nimmo, H-I-O, Gonstead, S-O-T, Pettibone, etc.) If you want to know more about the different techniques, e-mail me. (I have my personal favorites. But this varies-by-doc (and) by-patient.)

4 - Is the doc a "Mixer" or a "Straight"? (Sometimes even the CA won't know these terms.) A Straight adjusts their patients only. A Mixer also employs other "modalities" (like) Electric Muscle Stimulation, Neuro-muscular Massage, Ultrasound, Accupuncture, etc. (My preference is for a Mixer.)

5 - Once the Exam and X-rays are completed, what's the typical charge for an adjustment? Is an "Office Visit charge" added? (Don't go there, if so.) Depending on your region, the adustment will range between $55 and $85. If it's over $95 ... keep looking.

6 - What's the process for a New Patient? (If it seems too complicated, look elsewhere.) Some docs insist all new patients attend a Wellness Class. If they are mandatory, I tend to avoid those docs. But, YMMV.

Some docs treat you in your street clothes. Some like the patients to "gown up." (Yup. Just like your favorite hospital gowns.) It's not a big deal to most patients, but I always encouraged my Staff to tell the new patients the process. ... Saves surprises.)

7 - Will the doc treat you on the first visit? Some docs will not treat you on the same day they examine you ... many will. If you are in crazy pain, find out if you may get some relief right away. (It helps to know in advance. Neither method is "bad"....)

First Appointment: If the doc -- or the Office Manager -- tries to "sell you" a Treatment Package (20 visits for the price of 12 ... or something like that) leave immediately and find another DC to go to.

Lastly ... I've been adjusted by around 100 different DCs. Of those docs I recommend about 15. This ratio seems to jive with my opinions of Dentists, MDs, Attorneys etc....

<After thought edit> Bonni, we would always caution a new patient "It may get worse before it gets better." This is simple logic, really. If you're body has been messed-up for so long "bad alignment" seems normal, any change in the alignment of your joints is going to have some side-effects. Sometimes those side-effects can be even more uncomfortable than the reason you went there in the first place. [Layman's terminology: If it took you 20 years to decide to fix it ... don't expect one or two treatments to be all that's needed to put everything back in its proper place.] That being said, if the effect is PAIN ... you might need a different doc's approach. </Edit>

Sorry this took me so long, Bonni. It's all in my head, but I've only put it down in writing a few times ... and I never remember "where".

- KK
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
After yesterday's adjustment........the Last One Ever.....I spent all night unable to lie or sit without pain. It's better today, but then again, I started taking the steroids again, and they're just kicking in.

Geez... what did he do to you?
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Pretty good list, KK.

These are some items I would add:

8. Does the Chiropractor see kids in the practice?

If a Chiropractor can relate to children, and is comfortable adjusting smaller, developing spines, then he or she is likely to have a caring personality and gentle approach to treatment with adults as well.

9. Does the Chiropractor work well with other healthcare professionals?

To me, this is a biggie. Some Chiros are very anti-medical, or anti-anything that isn't spinal adjustments only. That's not only selfish, it's dangerous to public health. If a Chiropractor is open to referrals and co-management of a patient's health problems, then he or she has your needs as a priority... not their own profit or ego.

10. What's the physical appearance of the Chiropractor?

This may seem superficial, but I wouldn't trust a Chiropractor who is unfit, overweight, unkempt, sloppily dressed, etc. (and you would be surprised how many there are!) I would carry this over to the appearance of the overall office as well... front desk, adjusting tables, decor, etc.


Here are some warning signs:

The Chiropractor wears a white lab coat and stethoscope around their neck.

They ask for your insurance information before doing anything else.

They won't adjust on the first visit. (This usually means a high-pressure hard sell of multiple visits on the second day "report of findings.")

There are many products for sale... vitamins, pillows, orthotics, Biofreeze, etc.

They advertise or market "auto accidents" and "personal injury."

They ask, either in person or on their intake form, if you or your children have been vaccinated.


KK, your last edit regarding "getting (feeling) worse before getting better" is a good addition. But a good chiropractor will always go easier on the first few visits, and the soreness or "productive" symptoms will be minimal. Being too aggressive on the first visit or two will make the actual situation worse.

Thumbs up for your list, Karl.
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Okay, Baja. I'm going to "steal" numbers 8-10 from now on (and pretend they're mine, too). Very good additions.

I like your Cautions, too. My own DC is a youngish guy who used to play Offensive Line in Semi-Pro Football. He still hasn't learned to moderate his eating to suit his much less rigorous life. I keep warning him his own apparent "fitness" is a bigger message than anything he tells his patients....

One of the *coolest* pictures in our office was a photograph of "Baby Smith" being adjusted just 15 minutes after she was born. One look at that pic and you just knew that DC wasn't a "heavy hitter." [It turned-out to be one of the most commented-on "posters" in the office. Talk about a "soft sell."]

- KK
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Thank you KK and Baja! Good stuff!

Don't forget point number 11....EGO. If the chiro has a big EGO, it could spell trouble, too.

I should have known from the first day that it would come into play. At the initial "Hello, what can I do for you?", I relayed the story, said I had somewhat current x-rays and the findings from Dr. D in Spokane who did some good.

He instantly wanted to see the x-rays without reading the notes first so he could 'challenge' himself. Then, after diagnosing (and fairly apt, too), he looked at the notes. Congratulating himself was a joy for him.:

However, in the notes Dr. D wrote, was a photocopy from a page of his directory book from Palmer, and his name was not there. He about had a fit right in front of me. I had to console him and say something like "Well, it warrants a call to the school to check that out. Ok, so what's your plan...."

He's what I call one of those 'Pretty Boys' with the dashing good looks and all that tripe, and arrogance to go with it. But, I gave him the benefit of the doubt even though his technique was not skilled like Dr. D (who is 50 something, while Pretty Boy is only 38 (he volunteered this information, and he seemed to want to rush the C1 adjustment, but was sloppy about it, in comparison.

I never did get relief, and there was nothing much wrong with my back till he put me on my stomach and smashed down on it into the table. Now it hurts all the time and my arms are just aching.

My last chiro was a hasty exit, too, as she was a vitamin peddler and wanted me to buy health food from her friends' shop. Sorry, no sale.

I miss Dr. D.

After a fitful night of 90 minute naps and nightmares (Jeff was sleeping with Lindsay Lohan and babies in a nursery got smaller and smaller till they were the size of bananas and got real quiet!, I'm ready for the loony bin. I just can't take a whole lot more. They're working on getting me appointments as Mass General, and I have the intake number, but that's it until next week.

I made several trips up to the attic with Christmas stuff, and on one of the trips my good knee gave out. I said Fook This, and sat down for the rest of the day!:
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Threw up dinner at 8:30 last night. That makes Tuesday morning, Wednesday night and Friday night for violent vomiting. I'm afraid to eat.

My temperature control is out of whack and I'm either too hot or too cold, within minutes of each other. I'm thinking emergency room the next time I hurl. I'm wearing down.
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Since then . Is this continuing ?
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Oh Happy Day?

I haven't puked since Friday, but I don't eat much anymore.......less than a quarter of what I usually eat. I don't like the queasy feeling I have every minute of every day.....it's just a constant fight not to hurl. At least things are staying down. I have bright yellow acid poop, though. It isn't from food because I'd have to eat a bottle of French's yellow mustard each day to get that technicolor addition. Just another inconsequential issue?

The latest CT scan result from our good ole hometown hospital said that aside from the 9 mm nodule on the old thyroid, everything else is normal. The loop and the thickened small bowel that have been present for over 6 months have magically gone away, even though the same symptoms persist. I don't understand how this can be. Everything is NORMAL, except how I feel.

The good news is that I have an appointment at Mass General in Boston tomorrow with what my liaison says is the top neurologist there. I'm taking every record from all 15+ doctors with me, cd's of tests and x-rays, also.

Only one HMO office is being an arse about records.........the one I 'fired' last Spring for telling me my stomach problems were a 'virus' ( that's some long lasting virus!!). They are going to try to get my records to me today. I ordered them last week. Everyone else was able to get them to me the same day or next day. These guys.....a week and they hadn't even started.....AND they want to be paid to do it! I have to buy them at $12 hourly labor rate minimum and 20 cent a page. There's probably about 20 pages.:

I'm also taking in my notebook that I've done daily notes in for the last year. In it contains what meds I took, sleep schedules, bowel habits, pain types, etc. It's a chronicle of shyte that tells more than the tests doctors will look at that say, "No Problems". I got problems.

Will know more on the flip side after tomorrow. Let's hope that they actually have the time to hear more than just 25% of the story.
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Oops. I guess I beat you here.

Can you pick them up yourself ? Or are you doing that and they are charging you to put your file together ?
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I have to get there before they close and pick them up myself. It just irks me that no one else wants money. Grr.
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Mass General Hospital was somewhat disappointing yesterday, but it's a new direction as opposed to the same old same old, so we'll see what happens there.

I saw 2 neurologists......both of whom are supposedly 'The Best'.... and they are not convinced I even have MS based on my records. Of course, I don't have the 1992 MRI or spinal tap records........I can't get those even if I wanted to.....and I didn't have the 2004 MRI cd in the 5 pounds of medical charts I handed them. They want to do the spinal tap and MRI again, but can't do the MRI until the rod is out. I'm scrambling today to find old records.

They gave me Nortriptylene for the headache with the disclaimer that "if you don't feel better in one month, take 2 a day." Hmmm. I'm not sleeping, I'm not eating, I'm throwing up and feel nauseous all day and night, and now I have to wait a month to see if this medication will even work? Grrrr. I took one last night.....no change. My head is banging and I just want to sleep (as if I could).

I have to keep a headache diary: when I get one, what triggers it, etc. Well, it's a constant. How do I log that in? The doc asked where the headache 'is'. I told him it's like having a hangover every minute of every day and night. He's never had a hangover. I asked him what was wrong with HIM. I can't describe it in other words, how could ya? It's not on the left side or right side, it's all over.

I have a sleep study next Saturday, where I go to the Holiday Inn next to the hospital and sleep while they monitor stuff. They seem to think I have sleep apnea. I don't snore, but that's of no consequence. I just don't sleep anymore. Last night I saw the clock each hour after midnight. The copay for the sleep test is $500. Joy.

I need to see an opthamologist for my right eye, which is dilated and fixed most days, but not on others. I've had that for a few years, and I don't even think about it unless I'm in bright sun. Yay, RayBans.:

I don't have an appointment with a gastroenterologist until Feb. 22. I've thrown up 5 days out of the last 10, so I don't know how much longer I can go being sick all day and night. I'm on the cancellation list, and may have to drop everything and go, if I can get there in time. After a 3 hour trip to get there, we spent about 5 hours in the hospital and then another 2 1/2 hours home (no traffic in the afternoon). There are $10 in tolls, $8 parking and 3/4 tank of gas each trip. Can you say 'broke'?

I have the rod scheduled to come out March 18, but I feel like moving that date up, but Jeez.....I'm not keen to add another malady to the list.

That's all for now. I think that's enough, don't you?

Celebrate Your Good Health Today!
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Bonni, you know they have the ability to pipe the Sleep Study cameras right into the InterNet. If you put a link on here, we could all keep tabs on *them keeping tabs on you* for you. (I think I posted that right.)

<Edit> Acck! You do wear PJs to bed, right??? </Edit>

- KK
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Unfortunately, I sleep unencumbered. I'll have to try and sleep wearing Something.

How uncomfortable knowing people will be watching you. Creeeeeepy. I hope I don't scratch in my sleep.:

I hope I can sleep at all.
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I did a sleep study (I snore and am always tired), they said I had no major problems.....I supposedly slept for 8hrs....to me it felt like 30 minutes of the worst sleep I ever had, I woke up exhausted. I had so many wires on me its a miracle I didnt strangle myself in my sleep. I dont know about those sleep studies......

Scratch..hmmfph ...how about if as a guy you wake with a.........well you know. They say a healthy man has several of these every night they sleep, keeps the hydraulics up to par.
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RR, did they put monitors on your hydraulics??? :
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I just had to clean my screen!

- KK
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Originally Posted by doogiedoc View Post
RR, did they put monitors on your hydraulics??? :
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No need there were three night vision cameras in the room...can you say campground?
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Are you saying there was a pup tent pitched?
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Originally Posted by doogiedoc View Post
RR, did they put monitors on your hydraulics??? :
How about some postage stamps?
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It was one year ago today. This was taken hours before the fall. I remember like it was yesterday.

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Thanks, Mark. Something IS happening!

I started taking Nortryptiline (I can never spell it), last Wednesday, and by Saturday, I was sleeping 6 straight hours and the headache went from an 8 to a 3!!!

I've been getting sleep, and I feel soooooo much better. (Well, I have a horrible cold and chest congestion, but no big deal, thanks for that, skier_j)

I'm cancelling the sleep study. I don't want to toss $500 out the window just yet. My thinking is that months of pain without a good nights sleep will naturally leave you tired and psychotic, but I'm sure I don't have sleep apnea in any form. I've slept well most of my life, except for the last 4 or 5, and that's because of outside influences mostly (thanks again, skier_j:).

I still need to address the stomach issues, but even that is a little better right now, and I haven't taken any steroids for a few days. We'll see if that cycle kicks up again. I have Dr. Z in the wings ready to go with a biopsy if I need to, and I see a gastro in Boston Feb 23, so I'm covered there.

Here's hoping that the cycle is broken for good.
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Be aware of all the side effects nortriptyline may cause, Bonni, and be careful about eye protection and exposure to sunlight when you go outdoors.

It's a very beneficial anti-depressant, but can cause problems. Obviously, it's helping you so far.
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Sun?: What's that? I live in Western Mass.:

I'll take the side effects, thanks. It's better than the real me.

Still feeling good sleepwise and headache-wise.....and the stomach is bearable. If I could just shake this cold, dang it.

On to the Battle of the Pipes. I was painting at Jeff's Dad's house, getting it ready for sale, and I went to the basement and water was dripping through the subflooring....from the hallway!: Called Jeff, searched each access hatch and found a frozen and burst pipe in an upstairs bedroom behind the kneewall.

Dad always kept the house at a tropical 78 degrees, but now that he's gone, we thought "no harm in turning the heat down to 58 while no one is living here." Wrong. The busted pipe is fixed but there was still a frozen section somewhere, probably in an exterior wall, and we're trying to thaw it out before the weekly cold snap hits tomorrow. Joy.
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