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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
I've never liked the chiropractors who use that tool that they just 'click' along your spine (I don't know what it's called). They tell me it does the alignment without the physical 'crunching' and gas-releasing adjusting. I've never had any relief from the docs that use that, and I refuse to have that done anymore. Is that for real, or just another placebo effect? I always thought it was BS. You can PM me with the answer if you like.
It's called an "Activator" instrument.

Like every other Chiropractic technique, some people like it and some people don't.

People who tend to like this instrument are usually the ones who hate the getting their back and neck "cracked."

Does it actually do anything? Well, yes... it does stimulate mechanoreceptors and muscle spindles in the small spinal muscles. It certainly doesn't "move" a spinal joint the way a hands-on adjustment does. I took the Activator training at Chiro school, and found that I got much better results with the hands-on techniques I still use today.

In my personal experience and observations, most of the Chiros that use this instrument do so because they could never get proficient at hands-on palpation and adjusting. At Palmer, the students I saw who had great hands (the former massage therapists shined in this regard) never bothered with Activator and other instruments.

Quality adjusting is a very difficult, complex skill that requires years of dedicated training and practice to develop the necessary coordination and sensory acuity in the hands and fingertips. Not every Chiropractor will be able to do it well, and so they will tend to rely on other things to compensate... instruments, lasers, electro-stim, heat packs, decompression tables, ultrasound, pushing products, etc... none of which gets the same results as a proper Chiropractic adjustment.

I'm seeing a new guy today. The chiro in Spokane looked in his book and found a few in town who went to the same school as he (Palmer), and at least they'll have the same training in common. I'll try him on for size.
My alma mater!

IMO, you'll have a much better chance of finding a good Chiro if he/she is a graduate of Palmer. They have the best technique program in the world.

It's funny... every time I hear of someone finding a great Chiro, or one that is so much better than the others they have tried, it's a Palmer graduate.

Thanks for the updates, Bonni. Keep us (at least, me) posted!
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
I'm seeing a new guy today. The chiro in Spokane looked in his book and found a few in town who went to the same school as he (Palmer), and at least they'll have the same training in common. I'll try him on for size.
I may have mentioned I've been adjusted by at least 100 different DCs. One thing I've observed about Palmer's training: They teach that the adjustment is KEY. They are more rigorous about proper adjusting than any school of chiropractic, IMO. This gives the average patient a higher probability of succeeding at finding a doc who will help.

(This doesn't mean you *won't* encounter a Palmer DC who is a "heavy hitter" who follows a "get 'em in ... get 'em on the table ... give 'em a good *crack* on the Left and a *crack* on the Right ... get their money ... get 'em scheduled for two weeks later ... get 'em gone" approach. But it does tell me you're odds are better....)

DISCLAIMER: This doesn't mean you can't find a good DC who is a Logan / Life / Cleveland grad. I don't post the above to disparage any of you.

Bonni - If you care to know my "tips for choosing a DC" send me an e-mail. (I don't want to bore everyone....)

- KK
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That's the doohickey, Baja. Activator. Hmmm. I prefer not to have that waved over my body and call it $75.

I've always liked Dr. Doede in Spokane. He's got what I call the Magic Touch, and knows just where to go to make it feel better. Most times it's a little sore for a while, but the relief is obvious. I like that.

I see the new guy, also a Palmer grad (or so the receptionist says, but we all know how they listen!!, in about 2 hours, and I'll report later.

Kaptain Karl, why share with just me? I'm sure lots of bears could benefit from your insight. If they don't want to read it, they won't. If they do, it wouldn't bore them. Post away!
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The new guy knows his stuff. He read my x-rays before reading the notes and found the same things, so they're on the same page.

He's younger by a lot, though......prolly about 38........and the only good thing he said was that my back was in better shape than his!: And here I thought I was breaking it by working hard all these years!! Huh. I told him I'd trade him head and legs, but he said no. Go figure.

I think we're on the right track. I can already tell that I feel better after 3 hours.

Next step, get off these painkillers so I can tell when I'm good to go!!
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Originally Posted by Kaptain Karl View Post
(This doesn't mean you *won't* encounter a Palmer DC who is a "heavy hitter" who follows a "get 'em in ... get 'em on the table ... give 'em a good *crack* on the Left and a *crack* on the Right ... get their money ... get 'em scheduled for two weeks later ... get 'em gone" approach. But it does tell me you're odds are better....)

"Heavy hitter." Classic!

But you forgot... "no patients talking during the adjustment - make an appointment on Wednesday night (only) after office hours to have questions answered."

I, too, would love to read your viewpoints on choosing a DC, KK. It's nice to get the opinions of "civilians" instead of the practice management gurus who have a sole interest of increasing the Chiropractor's income.
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Okay. I'll post my guidelines.

First, I'll look to see if I can find an old e-mail from sending them to friends. Either way, I'll do it....

- KK
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It will be better than a movie for me, KK. I can't wait.:

I'm back to feeling somewhat crappy again (gee, it's only been a day), but at least I had some headache relief for about 18 hours. : I'm not complaining.......I'll take it.......I just wonder now if that is the solution, or just something on the side that helps a little. I still think I need a big city full blown exam with lots of questions and tests.

I was reading a thing in the newspaper about crematories and mercury poisoning, and that got me thinking: We played with liquid mercury as kids (hey, who knew? Not the parental unit inabsentia I had, that's for sure), and I have quite a few really old amalgam fillings that I'm sure are breaking down. Possible? Not impossible, anyway.

Grasping at straws, perhaps, but that's what I'm left doing after 11 months of debilitating pain.
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
I'm back to feeling somewhat crappy again (gee, it's only been a day), but at least I had some headache relief for about 18 hours. : I'm not complaining.......I'll take it.......I just wonder now if that is the solution, or just something on the side that helps a little.
In your case, Bonni, Chiropractic will definitely NOT be a quick fix. In your circumstances, it will be tiny increments, one visit building on the one before it... just like any health-related activity: nutrition, resistance training, cardiovascular exercise.

"The solution" for you is likely to be multi-faceted, and not just one single approach or therapy. Regardless of any other treatments you may need, regular spinal adjustments will always be a positive, constructive value for your physiology.

Healing takes time, (sometimes a loooooong time) so hang in there.
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Hi Bonni -

Regarding mercury amalgam fillings: About three years ago my wife had amazing energy crashes. After three or four docs -- in various disciplines -- had examined her the conclusion eventually (first) was "anemia" then (second, and somehow more plausible) was toxicity from heavy metals.

We read two books by Hal Huggins, DDS, It's All In Your Head and Uninformed Consent. The whole mercury poisoning "thing" seemed to explain a lot about my wife's headaches, fatigue and unusual irritability. We found a local DDS (who used to work with Huggins) and had all her mercury fillings removed and replaced with filling materials to which she was pre-tested as non-reactive. (And I have had the quadrant with the most mercury fillings replaced, too. More replacement work for me later....)

Within two monthss of my wife having her fillings replaced the change was nothing short of miraculous. She was running up the stairs again. She glowed with vigor and enthusiasm. I had my wife back!!!

DISCLAIMER: The ADA thinks Huggins is crazy. So does Stephen Barrett, MD (the QuackWatch guy). Personally, I think the ADA is practicing "willful ignorance" ... and I think Barrett's whole QuackWatch crusade is rooted in jealousy. But I thought I'd point out the dissenting points of view....

Since this experience, we've been convinced a *lot* of the more commonly diagnosed "auto-immune diseases" are really rooted in heavy metal toxicity. (Colorado is supposed to be "home" to a bizarre statistic: we have the highest occurrence of MS diagnoses of any state.) We think it's a bunch of hooey.

As with any of these anecdotal reports, YMMV.

- KK
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KK, it's definitely crossed my mind. I have a dental appointment for a cleaning at the end of the month. I'll ask him about it then. In my case, it may be better to just get dentures instead of replacing those fillings.:

I've heard that Spokane WA is the place with the highest rate of MS in the country. There's a really nice MS center in town and that's what their neurologists boast. Having lived there for 25 years, can I blame my MS on the city? tee hee

Baja, I know the drill, and it does take time and sometimes lots of visits and time. I'd rather be broke and headache free than rich and sick. I'm in for the long haul.
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Well, you're either sick and at home feeling crappy, or sick and skiing...

I don't have a choice!

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An interesting little tidbit:

Between this and the 'sticky' at the top of this particular forum, almost twice as many people have read this thread.
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Bonni, I am rooting so hard for you to get this thing figured out. I would like to meet you on a ski slope next year and have you be in good shape and out of pain. I admire so much all the fighting you are doing and your generally positive attitude where every small improvement is a cause for celebration. Keep going and hopefully you'll soon find the solution!
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I just read some of this thread for the first time (i've been away from this site for over a year due to some medical stuff of my own, which has kept me from skiing for two years and visiting this site was depressing me)...

anyway, one thing I'll add.. while neoropathic pain tends to respond poorly to opiods, I've found it does respond to stronger opiods given in high doses. Lyrica and neurontin can be great drugs for this type of pain as well. The point I wanted to highlight was sometimes the duragesic patch don't work because the transdermal membrane doesn't work with a particular patient. I was on them years ago for tumor pain, and found they did squat, while oral opiods worked fine. I also have found that transdermal testosterone patches didn't work either. My doc has said perhaps something in my skin secretions could be occluding the transdermal membranes and blocking their effectiveness. So, this could be limiting the effectiveness of the patches.

good luck to you. and don't give up digging for answers. especially with pain, which docs can sometimes give up on without telling their patients that they have given up. just makes the patient feel more depressed and frustrated.

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Thanks for the well wishes skibum4ever, and the advice and enlightenment, tetsuma! It's very much appreciated.

Today's top story: Doctor admits failure to help!

In a landmark statement today in Bonni Barcii's (aka Patient) doctor's office, Dr. K is quoted as saying, "Yes, you need to go to Mass General and see a slew of specialists. I'm sorry we've failed to help you. Let's set it up." Patient and staff alike were skeptical, but hopeful in a way that defies common sense.

Tomorrow's messiness involves a CT scan of the lungs to see if the 6mm nodule in the lung has grown since June, and to check on the inflammation of the small bowel. Patient will be made to drink 2 bottles of hellhole elixir, also known at Readi-Cat 2, which is slightly more tolerable than a kitty litter and septic sludge mix, but not by much. Joy will be absent during this procedure.

Patient is going to stop all medications with the exception of Lyrica. Withdrawal is emminent, and could be more than slightly uncomfortable. Normalcy has not been seen in a while, and the absence of most pain meds could prove to be quite interesting. Ticket sales begin tomorrow for the 'Tasmanian Devil with DT's' , which is what patient hopes passes quickly and quietly. Har har, snicker snicker.

Patient also has a number of health providers to obtain records from. 12+ doctors will need to copy records for the perusal of the next troupe of clowns' entertainment. Patient is responsible for collecting this information, but with one nerve left, the likelihood of emerging unscathed is lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut. Costs will be staggering, so send donations to.....

On the lighter side of the The News, an attempt was made to ski on Saturday and Sunday, but the zombie-like state from sleepless nights put the kibosh on this activity. Patient had problems doing simple tasks, like driving 45 miles during the daytime hours, and was nearly blowing chunks from the stress of driving while under the influence of sun seared eyeballs (even with sunglasses), Category 11 Hangover-Style headache, joint pain, spinal pain, stomach pain and general malaise. Life has taken another turn just that quickly.

Thanks for listening. Tune in tomorrow for another episode of "The Downward Spiral" starring Bonni the Mystified Headcase.:
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that is so good to hear. Congrats!

I don't know how long you've been on the patch, but the abrupt stoppage might not be a good idea. On one hand it might not be an issue at all, it depends on your physical dependance.

and contrast isn't that bad. the injected contrast is worse - it'll light up every blood vessel close to your skin surface.

Record keeping... be organized and keep the originals.

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Woke up this morning, took Lyrica with a banana, and within 20 minutes had violent vomiting.

I noticed my arms have been numb when I wake up from sleeping lately. This morning, they went numb while I was awake. :

I also noticed now that I'm off the Entocort for a week, some strange fluttering sensations in the lower bowel area. Now what?

The only meds I stopped yesterday were the statins for cholesterol. I feel awful.

PS. Add diahrrea to the mix....I'm crapping water.
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Bonni, you need a "staffing". (When I was a Workers' Comp consultant, every now and then we'd have an injured employee whose ailments became a mysterious mish-mash of symptoms nobody could fathom.)

A staffing would bring every specialist who could possibly have input into the same meeting (kinda like on the TV show, House, but way less dramatic). When you have 3-4 docs, the PT, the Chief Nurse and an Insurance Company's Senior Adjuster all in the room at the same time, progress is usually exponentially improved for the patient.

If the docs and INSCO won't agree with a staffing, I'd "change horses" and create your own staffing with a bank of alternative providers. (If you tell the medical docs that's your option, they'll realize you are losing confidence in them and they'll either "step up" or cave-in.)

- KK
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KK, this is why I'm going to Boston......for that 'staffing'. I'm collecting records today from 16 different doctors.:

I told Dr. K that I haven't had a single diagnosis in almost one full year, and that I'm not going to get anywhere with the current regimen, so it's time to change strategy. He agreed.

Add to the list of crap this morning:

blisterlike bumps on my left cheek and right jaw.:
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How long have you been opiod free? The diahrrea could be due to the abrupt discontinuation of these meds. It you've been off say a day or two, and you have been taking them a long time, and you're getting fluish symptoms to boot... take one pain pill to see if those symptoms go away. If they do, then suggest you slowly wean yourself off the opiods.
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So, prior to having a foreign metal object inserted into your body you had no major issues. Once you had your leg repaired this all came up? I'm no doctor (only a border line genius ), but I think a process of elimination (no pun intended) is in order. That being said, I still think its the alloy.....unless something in your house, grocer, or the general environment (air, water) of your town is causing the malaise. Since you and your doctor have not said that there are similar occurrences of the symptoms you are having being reported by others, then I am sticking with the alloy theory.

Cant you obtain a sample of the alloy used in the rod for them to perform any sort of tests, perhaps against your skin? (of course this will rely on the alloys matching exactly with the one in your leg).
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Tetsuma, the only thing I've stopped so far is the statins for cholesterol, and that was last night....and the Entocort last week.

Entocort is the steroid that has been helping my gastro system to stay stable for the last few months. When I go off it, I have pain and issues. I stopped the Entocort last Thursday......a week ago. True to form, here comes the pain, vomiting, and the stomach pain is getting worse.

Last night I stopped the statins, Pravachol and Zetia. I've been on Pravachol for a long time, Zetia is new within the last 2 months.

I haven't stopped taking any opoids as of yet, so this is not withdrawal related. I'm still taking the 100 mg of Lyrica and I still have the Fentanyl patch on. I'm not due to change it till tomorrow, so it's in full strength right now. Doc K said to keep it on for 2-3 days to let it gradually weaken, but don't put on another one.

RR, that is a moot question as it's scheduled to come out March 18th. I no longer think the stomach and head are connected to the same issue. I think the headache could be from the rod, but the stomach issues are something separate. Violent vomiting and diarhea don't come from an allergy to something like that, or I'd be constantly barfing and shittin and weigh 50 pounds.

I do not weigh 50 pounds.

I do agree with you that that rod must come out. Having MS means frequent MRI's to track the progression of the lesions, and with a rod, I can't ever have an MRI. So......it would have to come out anyway.

I was hoping to get some skiing in this season and I scheduled it for the end of snow. I hope I can hold out that long!
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Eat much sushi or tartar? Maybe you have parasites?

BTW, I have seen articles that heavy metals in implants do cause diahrrea and and vomiting.
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Never eat sushi, or rare meat. Burn it well, please.
I haven't camped, either, so water is not an issue.
I am not allergic to cat, dog or dust mites.

Would a rod allergy cause migraines that migraine meds and opoids don't touch? Seems unlikely.

I've thought of some nasty things that could be the cause since everything we're looking at isn't it.....

stomach cancer (possibly...only a biopsy would tell)
carbon monoxide poisoning (2 detectors with fresh batteries, so unlikely)
mercury fillings in my teeth are breaking down (3 dentists don't think so)
some kind of noxious element in this old house

So a biopsy, rod removal, dentures and a MOVE are in order?

And if it still persists???? Ahr.
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
Would a rod allergy cause migraines that migraine meds and opoids don't touch? Seems unlikely.

I've thought of some nasty things that could be the cause since everything we're looking at isn't it.....


mercury fillings in my teeth are breaking down (3 dentists don't think so)
I'd expect 8-of-10 dentists to "pooh-pooh" the idea. Most DDSs training is such they cannot even comprehend it. That's why only those DDSs familiar with the "revision" process will address your questions in anything other than the "ADA company line."

(If you seek a dentist with this expertise, look in your area for dentists who are "holistic." Also look for DDSs who do "dental revision" of amalgam fillings and of root canals. Unfortunately this may take some work, finding one; most don't do this.)

Glad you're getting a Staffing. Keep us posted.

- KK
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Preliminary CT scan results:

Lung nodule unchanged........told not to worry about it.

Small bowel CT scan unread as of yet.

However, they did find a thyroid nodule, and I'm scheduled for an ultrasound Jan. 31. What fresh hell is this?? Ahr.
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Hate to keep harping on this....but once again heavy metals known to cause thyroid nodules as well.
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So......my amalgam fillings, leg rod, and playing with liquid silver mercury as a child could mean......

I'm doing the best I can here. I chased down 7 out of 15 medical records. I have them in hand. The rest are being copied and mailed.


Your medical records are yours. You can request copies and should keep a copy for yourself. Things I've run into:

*Records older than 10 years are not guaranteed to be available to you.

*If you move and don't get a copy of the records For Yourself......just have them transferred to your new doctor........you will have to pay for them per page later. Your new doctor CANNOT give you a copy of them. HIPPA forbids it, even though they are yours. I have 3 doctors notes tied up this way. My current doctor is required to make me chase down the doctor who quit her business to work in a hospital, even though they have them in my file.

*You can and should get copies of all x-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, etc. Sometimes your doctor will need them for comparison, but they are not kept past 10 years in some places, so CYA (cover your arse).
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Last night, for the second day in a row, I threw up. This time I had finished dinner about 20 minutes earlier....and it was coming up. I hadn't felt good all day, possibly from the previous day's violent barfing, and I thought something bland like macaroni and cheese would be good.

Not so good, I guess.

I called my doc this morning and am still waiting for a callback. I put myself back on the steroid because I won't sit here waiting for days on end in pain and puking every day. ::: I have 90 of these pills left, and dammit, I'm going to stay on them till something is found.
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Holy cow Bonni! When you named this thread, I would never have guessed how far it could go and remain true. Of course much of this began at the time of the accident, but seems unlikely to be linked to it. Best wishes to you for better success in Boston, and vibes to Jeff too. This can't be easy for either of you. BTW, I took the liberty of updating your "I'm Doing What?!" thread since a lot of folks missed what happened here.

Also, sorry for your doormat loss. That must be one gnarly snowblower.
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