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Steamboat report

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Well, I just skied my first day (of 6) at Steamboat... and the conditions are not too bad at all. Coverage is pretty good... there was 1 or 2 small spots that I saw that has a little dirt poking through the ground, but that was just a very small area on one slope.

It is COLD, which is a good thing, and more snow would be good as the snow itself is a little rocky in places, but there is still some fluffy power on some runs.

The current forecast calls for 12+ inches of snow this week, so hopefully that happens.

I will post pics as soon as I get back home and have my card reader. I will also update this thread in a few days.

Also, as a side note, there has been some discussion about making the drive from Denver to Steamboat.... I did the ride yesterday, and the weather was great... and the drive was also very easy. I-70 can be a little scary at times, but the 2-lane part of the trip was especially easy, hardly anyone on the roads at all.
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Keep posting those updates Jaxbert - always good to get an unbiased private citizen's view of things, rather than an 'official resort' report.

Would be keen to hear any news of pending, or current snowfalls, given we arrive there on Saturday for a fortnight.
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Edward, I will be there on Saturday as well. I will PM with my Cell if you would like to link up for a turn. I just heard from my friend out there today (1/31) and they have had a total of a foot over the past two days with more on the way. I don't think they are expecting a real dump but hopefully, there is enough for some tree skiing. Cheers!
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You should have plenty of snow for tree skiing. I was out in Steamboat this past week (last day skiing was Monday) and they had enough snow for tree skiing albeit by Monday there were some rocks poking through and things were getting a bit icy. It wasn't a big problem, but I was a bit careful picking my way through.

With the amount of snow they got and our getting, conditions should be pretty good on Saturday. Frankly, I am a bit jealous as you should have real good conditions.

I will give a quick trip report here for anyone interested: We stayed in a condo called Storm Meadows Club Condos. We were in club B which seemed like it was the easiest of all the club condos to ski in/out. It was much easier skiing out - you just had to put on your skis outside the door and ski down a short decline to the Right of Way trail. Skiing in was a little bit more difficult and you had to ski a flat section with a slight incline over the last 10-20 yards - not bad at all. The condo was pretty nice and had a great view of the mountain.

The mountain is huge as I am sure you know. I skiied with my family and my wife is a very cautious intermediate, so when skiing with her we stayed on the greens and the easier blues. Although there are not a lot of green runs, they are very long. Of the greens, she liked the Why Not trail the most, it is a very easy slope with some great views and wasn't crowded at all. We hit the gondola between 8:15 to 8:30 every morning (the gondola technically starts carrying people at 8:30), so on the first few runs we basically had any slope we wanted to ourselves. The greens also had nice little bumps/jumps on the sides and cutoffs into the trees that kept my son (age 7) very happy. Frankly, because of these little jumps, he seemed to prefer these green runs to the blues - with the exception of a run called Baby Powder where someone had built a nice little jump for kids - although by Sunday the little jump was getting beaten down.

There was also a nice little terrain park for kids called Rough Rider which had a mini half pipe, some jumps and some rails that my son liked a lot.

Of the tree skiing, I personally thought the runs off of the Pony Express lift were the most fun along with the ones off the back of Mount Werner. Everything in that area was pretty empty of people, so even an older shmuck like myself could cruise down the runs at a happy pace without getting in the way of the really good skiiers. Plus, no matter when I hit those lifts, there was never a line at all.

Although my son considers himself too good for lessons, I put him in a half day lesson (level 6) the second afternoon we were there. He was the only kid in his group, so he got a private lesson that afternoon. The instructor took him down a run called Rolex and took him into the bumps. She did a great job and after the lesson he really skiied well. Frankly, after the lesson he could ski any run on the mountain well - with the exception of the double blacks that I won't let him on yet. The only negative is that it made me feel a bit old, as each year I get a bit worse and he gets substantially better.

Overall, although by Monday they really needed the snow, things were still pretty good. With the snow they are getting, things should be great for you.

Have fun.
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Conditions are truely great. I could not ask for anything better. We got 1 foot of snow on the slopes tuesday night and it snowed most of the day wednesday before stopping. very good conditions on the slopes. I was tired yesterday afternoon, so I rented a snowmobile. It was very, very fun. The tour went up to rabbit ears and the divide. About 2 feet of powder up there, the powder was pouring over the windshield of the snowmobile... a very good time, if you are in steamboat, I HIGHLY recommend renting a snowmobile for 2 hours. WELL worth the money, and very beautiful up there.

Anyway, back to the slopes, it is snowing again now, and is forecast to snow all day, so things are just getting better.
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Well, I am back home now after a week at da 'boat. I had a great time, and although quite cold, I dont think the surface conditions could have been much better. And as for being bitterly cold... this is skiing, if I wanted warm, I would have gone to Costa Rica.

We got about 2 feet of snow the week I was there... snowed every day except the first and last day. There was a double black or two with exposed boulders, but other then that coverage was excellent.

It was hard to take pictures with the conditions we had (hard to get the camera out with gloves on, and visability was poor at times) but here are a few. I will try to post some more or even a video if I get a chance...

I think the first picture was from the first day before it started dumping.... looks a little like concrete in that picture, but even the first day with 7 day old snow was pretty good.

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