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oboe, hugo, and Jay Peak

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At Jay Peak on Friday, April 12th, I re-met hugo. We first met probably twenty-two years ago, when each of us would never have believed we'd be skiing, and during our "middle aged" years, no less! At the time, both had more interest in bird dogs and hunting Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock. Then we re-met on EpicSki. My major haunt this year was Smugglers' Notch [coulda woulda shoulda got a season pass]. hugo lives in the Vermont "banana belt" and skis Okemo. Although we were not strangers to Jay, this was our first trip there this year. It's a drive of a little over an hour for me - three hours for hugo.

hugo is a great ski companion and not too shabby a skier - good balance. He simplifies, using two basic skiing styles: Style A - FAST. Style B- STOP.

oboe, on the other hand, uses a variety of styles: Style A - WHAT?! Style B - HUH?! Style C - What the fox hat?! For even more excitement, we throw in: Style X - Turning. Style Y - Turning the other way, too. Style Z - many, many, many turns in a variety of directions, some even planned, and a few looking good.

We began the day individually on the Tram side [the Canadian side] riding up on the Green Mountain Flyer detachable high speed quad, and then met after that and did the same thing together. Spring skiing. Not too shabby in the first runs, though ripening with each run. A few strategically placed bare spots and slush pockets, not bad, really. After lunch we went over to the State side where the snow under the "Jet" Triple Chair was fairly uniform for awhile. "The Jet" trail is a benign black with ungroomed loose snow in the main part and benign bumps on the side. That was fun until later when the sticky spots increased in size and number - then back to the Tram side for beer and sunshine. Altogether a happy day that felt like 'smore - can't wait 'till the next storm, whenever it may occur, and skiing with hugo and any other Bears we can find. But as hugo said, the fat lady has stepped up to the microphone and cleared her throat - the end is near.

P.S. The brand new Rossi Bandit XX's got their maiden run and then some. Absolutely no problems, they were sweet. So far, my all time favorite.

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Nice reading, oboe. [img]smile.gif[/img] Thanks.
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I couldn't have imagined a better way to put a cap on this ski season than re-connecting with oboe on a sunny day at Jay.
I couldn't improve on his description, except to say that he is a far better skier than he would have us believe. He is nimble on his skis and fearless in his approach; a good combination!
Thanks, oboe, for sharing a great day on the snow.
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