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The Best Skis

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What do you think is the best pair of skis
Why you think so
Do you have them?
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Your skis give you the runs?
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Need to boil 'em just a little longer.
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I think that the best designed and built ski to this day is the Elan SLX. This ski although very specialized surpasses all other slalom skis in the amount of rebound, and especially the amount of edgehold that the ski delivers. They are designed for slalom and slalom is what they do, very very well. I have never been on such an outstanding ski. Granted it doesnt fall into the all mountain category with all of the midfats on the market, and the mediocrity of performance that comes with them, but we arent looking for the best all mountain ski per say, just the best ski in general. This ski is designed for short turns on hard snow, and it does them better than you can ever imagine. When i skied them i was deffinitly not prepared for the ride that i got on them. I didnt think that it was possible to have a ski that would rip perfect slalom turns on blue ice, but the SLX does it. The SLX is the only ski that i have ever skied that absolutely impressed me by its performance envelope. It is deffinitly leaps and bounds ahead of any other ski on the market becuase it doesnt require the speed that other slalom skis do in order to turn (although it likes speed). I would only reccommend this ski to a solid expert skier or racer, and only would reccommend that it be skied on groomed slopes or in the race course.
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Best skis = the ones that give you the best runs!
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For me at least, the Stockli SC is the finest ski I have been on. Fast and smooth. A "convert" from the Volkl line, I have the stability of the GS without the length.
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The free (or cheap) ones!!

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After I started skiing again in my early 30's I went for a long time picking up skis at the local Salvation Army. 15 bucks a pair. We live near a college town so the best time for picking is usually the spring of fall of the year when students are coming and going. I guess I've picked up half a dozen or more decent pairs in the last quite-a-few years. My favorite skis ever (and that counts the pair of Hart Galaxies (used) I saved up my money for as a teenager) were a pair of burgundy colored Rossi's back when they still used that red white and blue Rooster trademark. I guess it must have been in the mid to late-80's and they were probably two or three years old at that time, maybe older. They were 185's.

First time I'd been on skis under 205's and they were fabulous! Boy, when they were tuned I was invincible. Steep, bump covered icy, rutted - didn't matter a bit. Bring it on! Incredibly responsive skis. One thing I remember about them in particular was the incredible wide, stiff camber. Other than that I haven't a clue what model number, or whatever, they were. I finally gave them up (two pairs of bindings later) after they delaminated and bought a pair of Fischers (another $15 invested) that I've skied for several years. Sure wish I kept them though because they were really a sight.

My dream would be to find a pair of vintage Head Competition's or Masters (remember the yellow bases? "P-Tex" I seem to remember it was called) in primo condition and in a reasonable length and just see what they're like in comparision now. Catch some looks too I'm sure.

Actually just indulged in my first new pair of skis in more than 40 years of skiing though. Skied some shaped skis last season for the first time and liked 'em. We'll see. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Posted: What do you think is the best pair of skis

For Whom?
For What?
For Skiing Where?
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by far the hexel honeycombs....
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