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Tornado Warning!

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Hi all...I am new here and am real impressed with this site...thanks to all who have such great info on so many snow stuff...anyway I thought I might pass along my test results on a 2 day rdie on a pair of Salomon Xwing Tornado's 170cm...Ok firstly, my skiier profile... 5"7" 170lbs..x-patrol blackcomb/whister...long time skier,hard in and out of bounds. spent many years resort skiing then ventured into more back-country heliskiing stuff mostly because I got tired of the crowds shredding the powder. Well years have come and gone... now I still ski with my boarding daughter... not as hard as before but I can still have fun... please take this for what it's worth... I cannot give those amazing test results like dawgcatching!...this is just from me...well as I said, times and things have changed over the years and I come from the 200cm+ days of my old salomon F9's and Volkal Snow Rangers!...ya I know laugh it up...regardles,so I arrive on the hill and look down at these new tornado's and think...hummm...where are my skis!...god so dam short...into the am. hard pack and crust/crud off the groom...ok first impressions, holly man these things are squirley!...over turning the hell out of them...having a hard time to get an edge hold on the hard pack....but as I said old school...widen my stance a bit and backed off letting the skis do there thing and woa!...now I am liking it...edge hold was great even at speed....played all over on the hard pack and had no problem at all except when I tried pushing them hard in the salom gates that where set up...they just do not have a edge hold like a true salom race ski...but then hey these are all mountain not race right?...Off I went now into the crust/crud where these skis held there own very well... when the crud was looser and the snow softer these tornado's where perfect...on the softer groom the flex patter is beautiful they cut through soft pack like knives through butter! also they have superb floatation in the 6-8" of pow that I mananged to find up on the backside bowls...The thing I like about them too was how darn light they are...swinging these in the steeps where so easy I laughted to myself...all in all these skies are one fine pair of all-mountain resort skiis!...they will do anything you tell em and unlike some skies that have to be pushed to the max at all times, you can relax and let them work with you...now if I was still going into the back all the time and riding the big mountain stuff maybe the xwing fury would be better but for myself at this time these are my skiis!...so this is your tornado warning!...Try em you will like them!...cheers all!
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Good to hear . I wait with baited breath for mine to arrive . I was wondering how I would like them ,I have only skied Volkls before . I won my pair as part of the Grand prize in the Salomon Oasis raffle at my local hill .
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