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Never been skiing in the east but I´m planning a trip March 9th, probably Killington, anyone been there recently, what´s the status there? What can I expect, all the trails still open in March? Decent powder or wet and slushy?
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I used to go the first week in March every year with my family, but after last year we decided to bump it up. Conditions really vary year to year but generally it is a little slushy in the afternoon, which makes it great skiing if you are with your family. Killy almost always has alot of trails open but try to avoid it on the weekend, while tons of fun during the week by the time Saturday comes around it gets crazy. I would try one of the other mountains off 100, most have a better NE feel and I think that is one of the coolest things about VT. The whole atmosphere is completely different than anywere else, the tight narrow trails can be as hard as alot of stuff out west.

Oh and sharpen your edges, sometimes it is like concrete only harder.
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You can get mid-winter conditions, but most years it will be "spring skiing" type conditions by Mar 9. That means average highs around 40-45 degs or warmer, somewhat slushy, rain possible. I was at Okemo (20 miles from Kil) around March 9, 2006 and it was much like what I just described. It can be great fun if you get snow or sun, moguls get soft, outdoor BBQ grills fired-up, crowds are down weekday and weekends, usually trail counts are at about 90%, which means 100+ runs still open at Kil.
I think best time at Killington is late Feb, or any weekday.
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Early to mid March is the best time. This year, it's going to be tuff if we don't get snow. I normally take a few week day in March and ski Kmart. I work at Okemo and ski every weekend. Kmart get's more natural snow then Okemo but Okemo will cover the trails with manmade better then anybody.

You'll want to bring warm clothes the hope of 40-45 degree days are a little optimistic. Plan on highs in the 30's on the hill in the afternoon. I'm a morning skier so I dress warm, overnight can be in the low 20 and upper teens.

Here's a link for a real conditions report. Ricks shop is the last shop up the access road on the right before you get to Killington. Rick's a great guy, alway's has a smile.

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Beginning of March? Plan on anything and everything. New England weather at its best.

You can get mid-winter conditions or pleasant springy days, but I would count on it still being fairly cold. Anything that has been open up 'til then will be open then and will stay open 'til at least the end of March. The beginning of March is good for some killer nor'easters to roll in.

Then again, with the way this winter has gone, who knows.... ;-)
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Thank you, I hope for the best.
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