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Helmet/Warmth Question

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I just bought my first helmet...going to Utah this weekend!

My question is...will the helmet keep my head warm? I guess I am worried more about my ears. My helmet has padded flaps that come down over my ears (it's a Salomon helmet)...will my ears stay warm??
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if your helmet fits right it will keep your head warm. NO need to put a hat on underneath.
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No problem. Some where around -10 F I'll need a neck wrap, but helmets are warm.
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Helmets are warm and they don't itch. I size mine just big enough to comfortably add one of those pull over face masks on really cold days when your face needs some protection from the wind or snow. That also gives me a little more ventilation in the spring.
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I love my helmet. It is very warm and I've never even thought about putting anything on underneath. Have fun in Utah!
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With helmets the problem is usually too much warmth and sweating; not being too cold. (Of course that depends on the weather and the skiers activity level) That is why many people like helmets with vents that can be open and closed.
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Helmets are both warm and comfortable
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Awesome...just what I wanted to hear! Thanks!
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If you've got a hood, you can pull it up over your helmet and it will prevent that draft that blows down the neck of your parka on the windy trips up the lift...
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I bought a helmet last year for my trip to Utah and was surprised how comfy and warm it is. I don't generally like things on my head (except hot babes) but after a short while it felt the same as a hat.
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Yeah, I never give the slightest thought to my helmet when I'm wearing it, even when I'm riding a lift and it feels like my nose is going to freeze solid. Visibility and hearing are perfect, and since I already have a hot babe I'm not too worried about how I might look. It's a winner.
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my helmet is the warmest hat I've ever owned.
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I too find that a helmet is usually enough, but when it's really cold, a balaclava fits nicely under mine.
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To simulate how it works apply to scalp and go into a walk-in-freezer.
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If you're really concerned about the cold, but one of those thin fleece baclavas - it worked great for me out in MT.
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I attended an fis race as a spectator last week. Brought my skis but left the helmet home. Dumb idea. I hate skiing without my helmet now, even if they're just a few groomer runs.
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I do wear a thin skull cap. It gives a more snug fit for the helmet but primarily it keeps my ears warmer. $10
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My helmet is a full face but I find I still need more protection against the cold. I wear a helmet liner underneath, keeps my face warm too.
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I have the Giro Fuse with tune ups.
The helmet keeps me safe and warm. The tune ups keeps my marriage safe and warm.
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I have the Giro Fuse. On warm days I open the vents skiing and close them going up the lift which is coldest for me as I can ski fast to keep
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