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First of all i believe skiing should be fun, for everyone.

I am a firm believer in ski lessons, esspecially for kids. I believe that lesson should be taken, until one can parellel ski well. As i have become a better, more skilled skier, I have begun to notice, more, how people ski. My son will be doing lessons, most of the time he skis, until he is a strong lvl 6 skier, he is a stong lvl 5 now. I thoroughly enjoyed my intruction at ESA Stowe.

Yesterday, 2/28 was the first good ski day at my home mountain, and it seemed everyone was there. The conditions were not for great begineers.

I have noticed how many people do not ski well. Poor posture, technique, not relaxed, poor balance and do not seem to notice/or care this.

I am a much safer and better skier after Stowe. I know this because I feel it in my level of relaxation, confidence, fatigue and skill. I practice what i preach for saftey, that doesn't mean there haven't been a few close ones, but I know i have the skill to control my self in crowds( i slow down).

I feel that more poeple need to spend some time in lessons, kids and adults. I have seen parents with lousy form and skills, teaching thier young the same lousy skills. I've seen parents making thier kids ski down higher lvl trails, because the parents don't want to go down easier trails. I have seen parts with the rein looking thins bring thier 2 -3 yo's down crowded, icy blues.

Skiing is an expensive to very expensive sport. Lessons shold be calculated in that cost. the lessons will teqch new/novice skiers how to ski better and safer, the kids esspecially have a blast skiing with thier peers and the instuctors will aslo teach trail rules and etiquete.