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waist size

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Seeking advise. I'm a newbie in alpine. Good on the liquid water. Last year skied Rossignol VS1 Oversize 165(used) and enjoyed but no metal left on the edges. Was advised (no testing allowed) to buy Atomic 11B5 170. Have lost all the agility of the old ski. Can finally make the ski do quick, fast, short turns but it takes a real lot more forward pressure than the old ski. The knee seems to hurt a little less (too much rugby and goaltending) with the wide waist but am going to go with friends to Whiteface and don't want to get myself in trouble due to the loss of agility. Was able to try a pair of Head IXRC 1400 Chip and liked them but can't seem to find many reviews on them. Am I ok on the wide waist 11B5s and simply need to learn them more or are they too wide for almost always very hard groomed and or icy runs? Thanks for your assistance
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I had a similar problem with the M11 Atomics. It seems the Atomics put me too far back and I was always struggling to stay balanced. I now have the Rossi VS and feel much more comfortable with them. A lot of people own the new Atomics and love them but they're not right for everyone. Maybe try some rentals on your trip and see if that makes a difference.
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thanks, Are narrow or wide waists better for hard groomed / ice?
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Narrow waist is better for hard-pack and ice.
Realskiers.com sells a $20. (US) membership that allows access to some very good reviews of skis for the last several years. It's well worth the price.
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Ghost gives good advice here. Realskiers also gives a nice breakdown by "flavor," that'll point you in the direction of several brands you can then study.

If you read up, you'll see that comparing Rossi to Atomic is comparing two really different takes on skiing. I can recommend the Head 1400's; smooth, strong, versatile, but they'll probably feel more like the B-5/11's in terms of wanting firm guidance and some forward weight bias; Austrian skis like to be "driven," IMO, and are especially rewarding for heavier or more aggressive skiers. Rossi's, by contrast, like a lighter touch and a more centered weight distribution; they, along with Dynastars, some Fischers, and Salomons, really click with lighter or more technical skiers. Perhaps you should think about which "feel" you more enjoy by demoing.
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Thanks kindly for your assistance...
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