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Too much ski for the mountain?

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Hi everyone,
Glad to be a part of EpicSki.

I recently became acquainted with the whole world of internet skiers,
been doing a lot of research for a new set of skis and boots (4 year old Rossy's/Nordica's not holding up so well =P) and these forums seemed to be very useful.
Basically, last week I bought a pair of brand new 170 Fischer RC's off of Outdooroutlet1 on eBay for $600 (w/ bindings) and a new pair of Nordica Speedmachine 14's for $400. It seemed to be a great deal for some really nice stuff. Haven't skied them yet, however, and I was wondering if I should sell them and get some lighter, more agile/easily flexed stuff.

The reason is I'm part of a high school ski team, meaning that the mountain we ski is tiny. My weeks are spent at Bradford, which I would call more of a large knoll (4 trails, be surprised if it's even a few hundred feet vertical) and on the weekends I try and make it to Cranmore, Sunday River, Killington, Gunstock, Wildcat, etc...
However, I keep hearing the Fischers like wide open spaces and big trails, to preform, not the small (not quite slalom) GS course we run everyday.
I'm 5'9, 155 lbs, 16 years old and a type 3, almost expert skier (still afraid to hit Outer Limits and Cascade @ Killington )

What do you guys think? Sell? If so, for how much, and what should I get to replace?
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Also, could anyone tell me why the RX8 and RX9 cost more than the WC RC?
This seems strange to me, is it because they have more material/fancy graphics?
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It's easier to sell an RX so they cost more.
How much vertical do you get to ski?
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what is a good deal?

it always amazes me when someone gets a "good deal" and then starts thinking about what he(she)bought after the purchase instead of before
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As in? you mean height of the mountain? angle slope?
Bradford is nothing, we only go there because it's a 20 minute bus ride.
Killington is well, Killington.
Otherwise, Cranmore is around 1200 vertical feet, Sunday River is 3100, Gunstock 1400, not sure about Wildcat
**just looked it up, Bradford is 248 vertical feet
^ edit: not sure again, first I subtracted top elevation from bottom, now getting that it's over 1000 vertical from a site, which I have a LOT of trouble believing.
walker, I'm not questioning the deal, just whether or not they'll fit my bunny hill
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You don't say which RC you bought but that is probably about a 15m ski. Probably not bad for a flat and tight GS "type" course.

Big wide open spaces .... that's more directed toward the GS "real deals" @ 21m. and in the 180's that meet the FIS requirements.

Take a look at the Fischer site and see where your ski fits.
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They're the Fischer RC4 WorldCup RC's (the cheater GS ski, the 16m one, maybe less as mine are 170s not 175s)
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If they will only see 248' of vertical, then sell 'em. If you get to use them on 600' +, then keep 'em. I'm assuming you mean WC RCs.
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I'll definitely do skiing on the bigger mountains,
but most of my racing will be on the 248' one, excepting the final race which is at a 1000+ mountain.
In the case I do sell'em, what would be a good ski for Bradford?
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the fishers should be great cheater GS skis no matter how small the mountain is. The nordicas are stiff mothers with out as much sidecut as the Fishers. I would sell those.

I run nastar quite wll on fat twins you should be able to run small GS courses on those fishers.

but if that is not working think about using a Race stock or consumer race stock Sl skis for running gates on your mountain
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Its not the size of the hill that matters, but rather the way the course is set. it is my understanding that this league sets them "between a SL and a GS" which I guess is the same as Nastar.

By the way, big cheers to Bradford. They went from bare ground to running races in a few days once the weather got cold enough for snowmaking.
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Thanks guys, I'll definitely keep the Fischers.
Now I just have to wait for the bindings to arrive (seller forgot got to send with ski)
mdf, do you have any idea as to whether or not Buchika's is certified for Fischer? or what kind of quality fitting/tune jobs they do? I don't want them doing something stupid with the edge angles, bindings, etc...
I used to deal with Ski Market, but everyone keeps talking about Buchika's and my uncle no longer works at SM
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Sorry, don't know.
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