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first canada trip

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So, I'm headed up to Tremblant in 2 weeks and I've never skiied in that cold of weather before (today it was like -15F low and 7F high lol). I need some help with gloves because for the past 9 years of my snowboarding life, I have never owned a pair of gloves that were acceptable in all weather conditions. I was boarding up in PA yesterday where is was about 19F and my Burton mittens did nothing to keep my fingers from going numb, even with liners. I've tried cheapo and expensive gloves and I have not yet found ones that keep me warm enough. Let me know what you guys think will work.
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Sounds like you should slide some of those hand warmer packs in your gloves/mittens on cold days. Some people just need to use that stuff.
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Originally Posted by killclimbz View Post
Sounds like you should slide some of those hand warmer packs in your gloves/mittens on cold days. Some people just need to use that stuff.
+1, those packets can make a big difference.

Most of the major gear & apparel companys (Burton, other board-specific co's, but also say Cloudveil, Patagonia, Black Diamond, etc.) also make a range of gloves with stated temp performance ranges. For me for a single trip to a resort I'd go with the packets though and not spend the money on different gloves. When you get there in two weeks the temps will likely be different from the recent past anyhow. If it is super cold, just remember to protect your nose in addition to fingers/toes.

Have a great trip!
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As a tremblant skier, its a great hill but Is often colder then a well diggers butt

We've been there when it was -30 F temps w -75 windchill. wind @ summit is often STRONG

here's some advice :

1. Helmet/goggles
2.Full face and nose balaclava ( no exposed skin ) you MAY not need it BUT baby if u do, u 'll thank me
3 hand and foot warmer packets in your boots and gloves
4. the best damn bullletproof jacket/bibs you can find
5 Ditto re base layers
6.Hot chillys or equal on the feet / try anti-perspirant on your feet too
7 Keep a back up vest in your duffle

That said : Have fun
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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I looked into buying a bunch of those handwarmers packets, but I think it would be more practical to buy a new pair of gloves, since I just lost my most recent pair of mittens anyway. Any opinions on gloves that might be best? I looked around for temp ranges on gloves and could not find any stated anywhere. I'm not opposed to either gloves or mittens, whatever will keep my hands warm will work. Better to be too warm than too cold.
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I've got poor circulation in my hands - they get cold real easy. As I've been packing on the pounds I've discovered that "natural insulation" does wonders. Wearing a helmet can also retain body heat enough to make a difference for your hands. Lastly, using polypropolene as an underlayer and fleece as a mid layer can do wonder to retain core heat during bitter cold. Retaining core heat is a big advantage for being able to keep your extremeties warm.

Aside from that, I've used Swany golves for years (at first because they give PSIA people a deal, but because they work). They claim their space suit technology stitching makes their gloves warmer. Could be crap, but I've found I can use their gloves in temps where I could only use mittens before. I've tried glove liners too. They help a little. But the charcoal heaters are the best solution for bitter cold because they get hot vs just conserving heat. I had my charcoal friends with me this week when I was at Sugarbush. Morning temps were 10 and 5 below F. With my Swany's, I did not need them. Occasionally I made fists inside my glove to restore warmth to the fingers during chair rides up. The list price on top end gloves is over $100. Full rip off price for hand warmers is like $3, I buy mine for 50 cents apiece by the box, but they do get lame after a couple of years of sitting around. Your heat index may vary.
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