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Over the last few days, I have been researching many different types of skis, and have narrowed my choice down to the Atomic SL:9. For tight turns in eastern conditions by an advanced skier and amateur racer, it seems to be my best bet. I also established that I needed new boots, and planned on getting fitted.

Unfortunately, today when we drove and hour to the "best store" near us, they didn't have any SL:9's, and my online knowledge was greater than any of the salespeople. Furthermore, the prices (expectedly) were roughly twice what online prices are. Expecting to be expertly boot fitted, I was simply measured and given Fisher and Atomic boots to try out. The Atomic M-series fit me very well, the Fischer RX-Series fit me very poorly. Regardless, they did not have the M110 in the size and color I wanted, so a purchase was out of the question. At the very least I did establish that size 27 was definitely my size- I seem to be lucky in that the fit feels great. I also established that my existing boots need to go ASAP.

So, that leaves me needing the SL:9 and the M110/M90 boot. I have been trying all day to find an online Canadian store that has both items for a decant price ($600 each for skis and boots, at most), to no avail. If I must I will buy from Ski-Depot, but I will be forced to wait 2 weeks for USPS, and the Tax-On-Delivery really complicates things at my mailbox.

Therefore, I am curious if anyone knows where I could find these things from a reputable dealer within Canada (Ontario Preferably).

I also am wondering what the best length of ski would be for me, at 6' and 150 pounds. I'm thinking the 160cm is best for me, but confirmation would be great.

Thanks in Advance,