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how early?

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how early do you get up on a ski day?
how early do you get to the mountain?

for me, i like to get to the mountains at least a half hour before first lift (8AM generally in N.E.). one hour before first lift if i'm eatting breakfast at the lodge. i consider putting my skis on past 9:30AM to be an EXTREMELY late first run.

since i live 2-3 hours from most major N.E. resorts, this means leaving home at around 5 AM which means getting up around 4:30AM.

i'm slightly obsessed with getting to the mountain early. you get the best snow, no lines, few people (only other die hards), and get to ski longer through the day. plus, getting there early gives you a chance to relax in the lodge with other early risers.

the other big benefit is taking lunch (when i actually do take a lunch) just when the mountain starts crowding up. and then having the slopes to yourself when everyone goes in to eat lunch!

i get the feeling i might be in the minority on this one. are you a late sleeper or obsessed with early runs?
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Get up at 7am, on the mountain skiing at 8:30am, 4 days a week.
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Powder days, days I'm expecting to be crowded or days I'm skiing before going into work I get up before 7:00, leave by 8:00 & I'm at the resort by 8:30 leaving plenty of time to get my boots on & in line before 9:00.

All other days I get up when I wake up, leave within an hour and arrive 20 to 30 minutes later.
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Up at 5:00
Have a hot breakfast (mmmmmmm, Cream of Wheat w/brown sugar and nanners), make a mocha for the road. Wake the parrot up, slip him some walnuts and OJ and say goodbye (he's always grumpy at that hour of the morning).

Leave at 6:30 (cruise to tunes while I sip my mocha dreaming of the turns I'll soon be making)

Arrive in parking lot at 8:00 (hop out of car and take a deep breath of that fresh mountain air - hopefully I've turned the car off so I don't choke on exhaust [img]tongue.gif[/img] )

On the lift at 8:30

Tell me, why is it easier to get up on a ski day than a work day? On days when I have to be in the office early it's all I can do to drag my sorry a$$ out of bed but on a ski day, I'll wake up before the alarm goes off.

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Say what? Anyhow, which one's grumpy, the football guy OR the bird?


4:45 up .... hot black fluid
5:00 prepare Jr's stuff
5:15 search for that lost (Jr's) sock
5:25 wake Jr. to search
5:30 inventory Jr.
5:40 threaten immolation by napalm
6:00 depart while reciting inventory
7:20 arrive

Sunday ......... repeat

The last time I did not do a walking inventory we drove from NJ to VT. At our 7:30 breakfast stop he asked if they let people in restaurants without shoes in VT.
No Shirt-No Shoes-No Service .......

Instead of an early run ...... we were in the parking lot of a We-Be-Shoes waiting for a 9:30 opening.
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6:30 wake up
7:00 "release the hounds" and take the three dogs for an hour hike/snowshoe
8:00 breakfast
8:30 on the hill

or if it was a rough night...it's the crack-o-noon club and a good bump run to sweat it out and wake up. :
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Get up whenever the @#%%$ I feel like. So what if it's all tracked out, that's what Chubbs are for!
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Today was a pretty typical mid-week, hardpack day: up 8:30ish, e-mail/web surf/phone calls - keeping an ear to the ground for the next contract programming gig, leave for the hill around 11:55, get there about 12:10, leave around 3:00. Ahh... the life of the unemployed dot-commie; too bad it can't last forever.

Weekends, great snow conditions, I may get up really early - like 7:00 - so I can make a big breakfast, pack a lunch, Kojak a parking space, and be in line when the lifts open.
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line up is at 9:00 so that's when I hit the snow. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Wake up at 5:30, head out at 6:30, skiing by 8:30
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Wake up at 5:20 fix my wife eggs and toast (small sacrifice to get her up the hill in a good mood).
7:00 my carpool buddies show up, 40 minutes up the hill
8:00 booted up for the patrol meeting.
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Have I missed something?

Football player?
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I typically ski Mt. Hood, which is about a 1-1.5 hour drive for me, depending on weather. However, if I leave just a wee bit late, I find myself suck in gaper gridlock. Not good. Likewise, either I get off the mountain by 2 PM or I stay until closing in order to avoid the monumental traffic jams that often develop in the afternoon.
The upshot is, I'm up at 5AM and skiing at 8:00-8:30. I'm done by 1PM.
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[quote]Originally posted by riverc0il:
[QB]how early do you get up on a ski day?
how early do you get to the mountain?

since i live 2-3 hours from most major N.E. resorts, this means leaving home at around 5 AM which means getting up around 4:30AM.

i'm slightly obsessed

4:30???? Yuck!!! The thought of getting up at that hour gives me heartburn.... In days past I'd prefer to be going to bed at that hour!

These days, I try to avoid skiing on the weekend. It's nice to avoid the crowd (this is one of the benefits to working irregular shifts). Me, I like to head up to the hill at about 10:30, get my skis on at 11:00. This gives the bumps some time to soften in the sun. A few hours of solid skiing and I'm feeling fine....

Now when there's fresh powder, that's a different story! I'll be up there first thing...

Obsessed? I imagine quite a few of us are obsessed when it comes to our skiing! Cheers everyone.
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I think Yuki was mixing up OJ = Orange Juice, with a certain person who drives a white pick-up, starred in movies such as the Naked Gun series, and used to play American Football.

Actually, I've always wanted to know: why is it called FOOTball, when you rarely use your feet to hit the ball.
We have a game called football where we kick the ball with our feet, but you guys call it soccer?

This doesn't make sense to me, or am I showing my stupid genes again?

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Wake up 4.30am, drive to airport. Catch 7.30am charter flight. Land 8.45am. 3 1/2 hour transfer to resort by train/coach/car. Arrive in Chalet 12.15pm. Collect lift pass, On mountain by 1.00pm.
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Weekend skidays - up at 0545, leave the house at 0615, on the u-bahn at 0635, meet my friend at 0700, on the autobahn at 0715, at whichever resort at between 0830 and 0930 depending on where we're going that day, on the slopes between 0900 and 1000. 20mins for lunch finish skiing at 1630.
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English Dan and Fox Hat, Do your bosses ever complain that you don't seem to ever get any work done even though you're constantly staring at your screens?
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May I brag?

Well anyhow, I just came back from a ski trip to Killington. I was with 11 other college students. We had two kegs, a few parties , etc... It was an all out week long bash. I was a champ though. I was out there for opening EVERY DAY. I even made myself breakfast before I left! I had to take a radio so i could meet up with the others once they had recovered from their hangovers. Yeah.
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Get up 0500 (GMT).
Leave house 0530
Flight to London 0700
Flight to Vancouver leaves around 1200
Arrive Vancouver 1900 (local time), (0100 GMT next day)
Transfer to Whistler
Arrive Whistler 2100 (0300)
Food, drink etc.
Get up 0630 next day catch first lift at 0830

Total time from house to lift: 35.5 hours approx.
Sometimes my luggage arrives at the same time, but it has been known to take up to 100 hours to arrive!

But it's skiing, and it's worth it.

Beat that!

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Dabickley: where do you fly to in to arrive an hour and a quarter later?

Mine starts the same but ends differently:
Catch 8am charter flight
Arrive airport 11am (1.5 hours flight, 1 hour time difference, 30 mins late taking off)
Arrive resort 3pm
Ski 8.30am the next morning.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by dabickley:
English Dan and Fox Hat, Do your bosses ever complain that you don't seem to ever get any work done even though you're constantly staring at your screens?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

It's not so hard to keep two windows open and only occasionally ( ) click on the blue e on white page application. It's also fairly easy to forget to log off.........are you suggesting I'm not doing much work?? Cheeky get
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I ski six days a week so my times vary but on Sunday I have to be there early. So its up at 6:45 and out the door at 7:45. I can be on the slopes ready to ski by 8:30. I usually take my motor home and stuff my daughter in it. The princes wakes up about 8:45 to teach mogul mites by 9:00 AM.
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0515 alarm goes off...attempt to destroy alarm clock, eventually snooze button is found

0530 alarm again, brain beginning to function, realize it's for skiing not work, struggle to verticle position and shut off alarm

0535-0600 get dressed, eat breakfast (usually oatmeal with brown sugar, but if I hit snooze again it's a donut, and some OJ)

0600(approximately) on the road

0630 (only applies on weekdays) dead stop in traffic...thinking "these people can't all be going skiing, what are they doing on the road this early?" take solace in the fact that in a few hours they'll be at work and I'll be on the slopes.

0830-0930 (depending on the mountain and traffic) arrive at mountain

0900-1000 (see above) hit the slopes

I could get up earlier, but that would probably mean needing to replace my alarm clock every time I went skiing, as you might have guessed I'm not a moring person. Which is why I really enjoy it when I can go for a weekend or a week...then I get up around 7 and am on the hill when it opens (or pretty close), usually have a nice big breakfast too.

Lunch is usually a Cliff Bar on the lift. I ski either til I'm exhausted or they close the lifts, whichever comes first.

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Out the door at 7, arrive at 8 at Baldy, for no good reason other than to sit in the car, finish a coffee (or whatever), knowing milesb is gonna get there whenever he @#$%&*-ing decides to (usually right when the snow starts sweetening up).

Up at 5, LAX by 5:30, taking off at 6:30, arriving in Salt Lake QUICK, on the shuttle to Park City NOW, check-in, gear up, catch the bus, in line at 12:30 for the half-day.
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Frances, you're right. Because I was concentrating on my work I forgot the time difference and flight time. In that case I'd be in the bar by 4.00pm having unpacked and on the slope the next day first thing. So I'm on a par with foxy for dedication then.
Dan - No, of course not. Since discovering Epicski, I'll bet you a beer in St. Anton on Saturday that your productivity at work has improved beyond measure.

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Real World (Weekend):

7:45am Wake-Up, Shower to actually wake up
8:00am Cook breakfast, eat
8:15am Load gear
8:30am Leave for mountain
9:05am Put on equipment
9:15am On one of first lifts
5:00pm Look for better place to live closer to lifts on way back from ski area.

Dream World:
10:00am Wake Up
10:02am Wake up hot chick next to me
10:03am Notice that she does not have morning breath, have sex
10:30am Get up, have breakfast
11:15am Get to mountain
11:30am Ski first tracks all day in 36" of fresh pow!

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hey dabickley,
Are you accusing me of not working?

OK, I admit it, work is very quiet at the minute, but...
I send more posts at night (between 7pm and 2am), than I do through the day.
There's a lot of my work at the minute involving sitting around waiting for a process to finish before I can do my next bit. Also in my office, most people know of my skiing obsession, and apart from my PHB, are happy about it. I am currently trying to advise 3 colleagues on where they should take their families for ski trips, and advise a few others on gear!

I'm supposed to be doing ERP work, yet spent the last 1.5 hours videoing a presentation by one of our customers. My directors know that I have a lot of gadgets, and know my way round them, so the ask me to do that sort of thing as well.

Next task will be to edit the video using a nice little server sitting near me. While I'm doing that, I'll have even more time on line!


Time to slack off for a bit...
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if in resort with my folks (this is my third season as a skier):
1.whenever i feel like getting up from bed: it`s a vacation ,what the heck !!!
2.day ski session comes then(lessons if lucky);
3.lunch whenever i feel tired;
4.afternoon sleep (1 hour)- not compulsory;
5.evening fun (where i ski there are 3 artificially -lit slopes)

now the cool part:
if in home city, and low budgeted:
-get up at 4.50 awaking all the house ,(house "booooo!!"-ing me)
-running after train and catching it at 5.30
-meeting my friends "gang "in the farest possible train waggon at 5.40 (after a first sad experience i never carried gear on train , i preferred renting given the situation)
-getting geared up at 8.30
-on the slope aaaaaall day
-17.00 dirty, weary, sometimes in pain cause of muscle fever, tired , waiting for the returning train at the station , chewing some croissant, chocolate and drinking light coke from a plastic cup.
-20.00 showering home (resurection)

: : :

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6:30, Alarm goes off
6:45, Wife and I get up.
6:55, wake up kids.
7:00, Eat breakfast; cereal, coffee, oj.
7:15-7:40, hound family, “hurry up let’s go” is the mantra.
7:45, Leave for Mtn.
7:55, Park car
8:10, Booted and ready for lifts.
8:15, Warm up runs with family
9:00, Start work, 3 hours every weekend with the same guys.
12:00, Lunch
1:00, Afternoon lesson, 2 more hours with the same guys
3:00, Get family and more runs
4:00, Lifts close
4:20, …
4:25, sooth the bones with an IPA
Sunday, repeat.
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