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Blue Knob Feb 3 or 4

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Well, this week maybe as good as it gets here in W. PA. Any Bears up for a get together at Blue Knob? If we are very lucky the mountains will get a few inches a night over the next week and Blue Knob could be in decent shape. The web site has Stembogen open. There should be enough cold temps to get Extrovert open too. Who's in, Saturday or Sunday or both?
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Did Laurel open this year?
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I will make the decision next week pending extrovert. If they do get it open I may ski there 3-4 days this season.

Laurel Mtn. is closed indefinitely.
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Originally Posted by evansilver View Post
Did Laurel open this year?
We're working on getting Laurel open again. Stay tuned.
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I didn't see this thread. I can't make it. I think I have a ride to Whitetail tomorrow though. If you went today, I hope you had fun.
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