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Eider apparel

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Has anyone had any experience w/ Eider ski apparel? www.eider-world.com The product looks great,but is not sold in my area and I will have to have it shipped in, though I can return it. Any particular models of jackets and pants that anybody likes? How does the sizing run? Can you compare it to other quality lines ,i.e. Arcteryx,Cloudveil,Marmot,etc.
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Eider makes really nice stuff, it runs REALLY, REALLY SMALL. There 3XL is about what TNF calls an XL.

The Striking mid-layer is my favorite ski layer, awsome. The Wave jkt is their best technical ski jkt, the Commodore is a great jacket for minimalism. The Shield softshell is really nice. All their ski specific stuff is mostly heavily insulated, both jackets and pants.

Hope this helps.
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Whiteroom,thanks for the info. I have heard Eider runs small,which may make me hard to fit.My coat size is 40 short,5'6". I was going to try a medium. The Wave is one of the jackets I was considering; I have also found the Liesel,Circe,and Karele jackets. Do you like their Defender fabric or prefer XCR? If you are familiar w/ the Commodore,does the fixed hood roll up in the collar or do you just let it flap in the wind? Hard to tell from the website.
Thanks again
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The Commodore hood just flaps. It can be cinched up but it doesn't really roll up.

The Nyrki and Laken are both 'ski orriented' jackets that are nice if you like insulation.
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I may pull the trigger on a Wave jacket and Randee pants,do your find the Wave to be reasonably warm without much insulation?
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I own a XD Jacket. XXL for 200cm tall, 80kgs (I'm slim, or skinny. I'd rather say slim). Really happy with it.
The jacket is totaly waterproof and seems to breathe well. I can't make a direct comparison with XCRs models, but I would say Defender is on par with regular goretex.
There are a lot of eider-related threads on TGR.
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Last I heard they are starting to run more true to size.
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Good stuff. I know a couple of friends who sport this apparel and it's good ski wear.
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I have 2 eider pieces purchased in 2001. Good stuff. Quality seems on par with the Marmot and Patagonia gear I have.
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Eider is the bomb. Good quality materials and craftsmanship put into their stuff.
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I received the Wave jacket, Begin Defender pants and Striking mid-layer pieces I ordered today. This is really well designed product. The jacket has the most functionally integrated hood and collar system I have seen. The Defender material is very comfortable and the pants almost feel like cotton while being waterproof and appear pretty durable. The jacket is a true shell and you would definitely need to layer up on a cold day. I would disagree with the comments about the product running small. I am a size 40S in a suit and the medium jacket is very roomy and plenty long. The stuffs not cheap;but I like what I see. Hope we get some more snow in Utah before the test run.
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I've worn Eider stuff for years. It wears like iron. Looks as good today as the day I got it, so it's well worth the price. Great, truly functional technical features. Great fabrics. The word is slowly getting out in the US. Tough to get shops to get behind a lesser known brand when they can do no-brainer sales of North Face stuff to the masses all day long.
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