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Center mount question

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I recently purchased a pair of K2 public enemies and on the sidewall, the chart goes up to +3. does this mean I can not center mount them?

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No, you can center mount them just fine...The up to +3 marks are used for jibbers/park/pipe riders who like to be more forward on the ski's.

For all mountain use you'd want to mount them center, or for powder mounted a little back.

I've thought about getting some PE's and I'd personally mount them -1.
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But does it mean I can not mount them past +3 as well?
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I don't think 99% of people would like it that way at all.

What type of skiing are you planning on doing w/this ski?
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The +3 scale is from standard mount (zero) to forward 3 cm. A "center mount" on Public Enemy's is about a +7.5 cm. Just because it is more forward than the scale does not mean it cannot be done, it just has to be measured.

I can tell you honestly, the majority of people skiing PE's will be mounted between standard (zero) and +3. There is really no need to mount a PE behind the standard (zero) mount.

For all-mountain skiing, you should consider between standard and +3. The more forward you go with the mount the more forward you will want to be in your stance. If you are looking for more park specific mount, most people will go to +5 to true center (about +7.5cm). These mount positions will sacrifice some all-mountain skiing, but will ski very well switch and will have a more balanced swing weight.
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