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June Mountain, CA Closed for the season

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June Mountain has decided to call it quits for this season. The good news is if you bought a relatively cheap pass there, you now have a pass ($720) that will be honored at Mammoth ($1500). The bad news is, there is no snow at Mammoth. :

From the June Mountain website: http://www.junemountain.com/home/

Due to unusually light snowfall this season, June Mountain ski operations will close for the season after the lifts close today.
Effective Monday, January 29, 2007 through the remainder of the season, all June Mountain season passes will be honored at Mammoth Mountain.
Mammoth Mountain currently has a 3-4 foot base of packed powder and excellent conditions on expertly groomed runs.
So if you bought a Mammoth pass, how would you feel?
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I have to think that when the snow flies they'll reopen. Maybe not, but I've seen other California resorts pull this before too.

If they don't reopen, getting to ride Mammoth for that cheap is a bonus. I would definitely be pissed if I was a MM pass holder.
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Wow Conditions must be pretty bad there. June isa fun Mountain I skier there way back in the late 70s
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No SNow

Get your facts right guy. We have snow in Mammoth and we are skiing and riding just about everyday. For 1-4 feet things are 1000% better then 1991 at this point.

Chair 3, 5, and pick and chose on chair 9, 22. Cornice skied great on Wednesday.

Here is a pic from Monday! Looks like we got snow! ... as a MM pass holder I am happy for all my pals that have been hating life. No they can join us...

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The "no snow at Mammoth" was an overstatement that hopefully most can forgive. We are frustrated from having the dryest January on record for over 150 years here, and in spite of the dust on crust last Monday, continue to be far behind a normal year, and most areas have significant portions of their terrain unavailable still. Not much we can do but make the best of it, but that won't keep us from complaining a bit.

Anyway, I've been watching your reports at http://www.mammoth-snowman.com/, and thanks for keeping the stoke on in this lean year,
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Waazzup mammothsnowman.. My ski buddy told me bout you and since then checking your report in the morning is my morning ritual. Nice videos, it keeps my spirit up.
Thanks for the work.
Snowman ... out.
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had a great time a couple weekends ago and am looking forward to getting back up for a few days next weekend.

the cold temps are keeping the groomers in great shape; plenty of fine turns to be had. if you're a drill freak like me, a great opportunity to fine tune some technique AND have fun.

sure, there's been a lot more snow but you can still ski big and fast in the wide-open.
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