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Fischer rc4 race SC or the Fischer rx8

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I'm looking for some advice, how much different is the fischer rx8 from the fischer rc4 race SC? Looking for a pair of fast short-term carvers that can be forgiving as well and cruise (skiing with the kids you know and I know the rx8 can do this), but thought from the range listed for the race sc, it too may fit the bill and may, just may have some more of the top end performance. Too bad nobody has demos in my area of Fischer!

Any help and feedback would be appreciated.
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I'd be interested in this as well!
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I think the SC would work as well.. I ski the Rx8 and it is, as you know, very forgiving.. I ski it long for my weight and it has yet to throw me around.. The race SC demanded a bit more attention but my fore aft balance wasnt that good when I tested those and I found myself in the back seat a bit much..(not to say I am super duper now ) My 2 cents..
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I would seek out the RX8 just for the added versatility.

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How deep of snow would you like to use them in? If firm snow carving is more important to you than skiing fresh snow that is more than a few inches deep, I would get the SC's. The SC's are ok in powder and great in corn snow but the RX8's are probably better in deeper light snow.
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Barrettscv, I see you have the worldcup RC as well as the Contact 11.. how do these compare to the RX8... I'm really interested in these skis as well, but not sure I need a cheater race ski, or the massive sidecut of the 11s... but boy they interest me if I had a quiver of skis.... my current ski is a dynastar skicross 9 and intuitv 71.... so as everyone want something new

DT, thanks for the info...
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Hi SM,

I consider the RX8 to be both easier to use and quicker than the Contact 11 or the Worldcup RC. I contrast the RC & Contact 11 here: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=51234

If you ski hardpack at recreational speeds, the RX8 is still the best ski for most skiers. The RX8 also does well on soft snow for a 66mm wide model. If you ski the Rockies, the Contact 11 is the most versatile and can ski crud with real ability. The WC RC is the best club racer, but lacks versatility and is basically worthless in soft snow.

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I have them both. I thought I wouldn't want/need my RX-8's after recently getting the SC's, but I was wrong. The RX-8's are more versatile and willing to do big radius turns. It's also a great ski to use when plunking along with my youngest at really slow speeds; it requires very little effort to turn.

The difference is very apparent with fast wide turns. The SC doesn't do them nearly as well as the RX-8's. They SC's just want to turn, get the turn over with, then turn again. At high speeds, the RX's will let you vary your turn widths, the SC's want to continue making small turns. The RX's will hold a wide turn and not try to end it until your ready.

For small turns, both skis are obviously very good. The SC's require a little more commitment/effort, but reward you with a more energetic fun turn. The edge hold on hard snow is better with the SC's.

Although I thought the SC's would do everything better than the RX-8's, I was wrong. Still though, both have their place in my quiver.
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