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Look Bindings??

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Okay I'm going with Look bindings!! Now which ones?? Pivot12 or PX12. Pros/cons
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what kinda of skis are you mounting these on?
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You won't feel any difference between the two. The PX is the one that is currently being made. All of LOOK and Rossi bindings will be PX heel for next year, the FKS (race) heel is gone. They (both companys) seem to like the PX heel.
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I still honestly feel the old Pivots were a better heal then the newer PX heal. The older version rotated right under the tibia relieving pressure on the tibia. It also had a great amount of travel before bringing you back to center., minimising pre-release. It was also one of the easiest to put back on when you did loss a ski in deep snow. It wasn't necessary to clear all the snow from your boot in order to step back into the binding. On a steep powder packed run this is a really important feature. At places like Alta and Snowbird you see a lot of locals useing the older look/ Rossie binding. Many other skiers feel the same way. A quick look at sales on eBay seems to support this. The Older binding are selling for more then the newer PX Bindings. It will be a sad day when I can no longer find that trusted and reliable P12 binding. Thats just my .2 cents
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I use both, so I can speak a little about each type:

I use the new design on my Zenith Z5's as well as my 07 Bandit B3's.

I use the older design on my 06 Bandit B3's, Bandit X's, Dynastar Intuitiv 71's and Course 66's.

As far as on snow feel, I actually prefer the current design...I actually feel a little more glued to the ski.

I haven't had a safety issues w/the current design, or pre-releases, and I've crashed plenty on both types.

The older design is FAR easier to get back in on the hill and even though the older design takes less area to mount, I havent noticed any increase/decrease in ski flex over either design.

I like both designs, and although it's easier to get in the older design it's not as impossible as others say it is to get back in on the new design.

For me it's really what the best deal I can find at the time and I'm slightly biased towards the new design because it does seem a little more solid while skiing for me.
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