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What is it about last runs?

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How come everyone seems to fall and/or get hurt on the last run of the day? Last weekend on the last run i fell off a rail/box thing and hit my head pretty hard... I think i may have stabbed myself with my pole too if that's possible. Anyway, the only time i seem to hurt myself is on the last run and I know plenty of other people who have had the same experience. Any ideas?
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It's the same as when you find something in the last place you look for it.
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I would think fatigue plays a large roll. Or perhaps on a subconscious level you can't call it a day until you have one last nasty spill?
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It's the point at which you're most tired and also the point at which too many people want to "make the lost" of their day or "get their money's worth" or whatever.
So, off they go, down a too-challenging run, probably in bad light, and when their eyesight and muscles most need rest. They're most likely under-hydrated, too.

Worst of all, people tend to do this more when they are on vacation on an unfamiliar mountain.

[testosterone]"If I don't ski Couloir Extreme/Corbet's/Pakalolo/S&S/Barney Rubble/whatever now I never will..."[/testosterone]

Famous foolish last words.

Being so wise as I am, I make my last two or three runs smooth cruises down unpopulated areas.
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If possible, I'll join Old School (maybe because I'm old???) on a run where I can ski my best easily to end the day. Leaves that lasting flavor of fun. I'll do my best to avoid a last run where I could do damage. And, if fatigued, I'll quit early.
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Perhaps you've been trying to nail a certain run/jump,steep and say to yourself that you'll go balls out on your last run because you know you don't need to conserve your energy after that. Add the fatigue factor in and ....:
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I have a simple solution: just avoid your last run. I've been doing that for years. Never hurt myself yet
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My crew never says last run. Just one of our quirkes.
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That's why they call it the LAST run

I too agree with OS & KB .My last run of the day is usually on a nice easy cruiser and i PAY attention - not letting my mind wander
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I think it is just pure fatigue that causes injuries on the last run, especially of a trip.

My last run of the trip has to be perfect.
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National Ski Patrol hit it on the head in 1965 and it holds true today!

They said in essence, that if you want to avoid getting injured on the hill; stop skiing at 3:00 in the afternoon. Their statistics were rock solid and they cited:

1. Fatigue ... you are tired.

2. Flat or diminished light conditions. Sun is behind the hills.

3. All of the other idiots still on skis after three will be tired and skiing in flat light.

ok, I made the last one up but it's pretty much a no brainer
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Is it becasue you are trying to ski safe, doing something unantural and hence cathcing an edge or something?.. Just the thought in your head messign you up?.. The only time I fell on the last run was when I trying to take it easy and just carefully get down the hill..
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these folks have got it down so I'll just add that we ski the hard trails early and play around and practice later on.
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Calling "last run" is taboo in my books... it's always a "second last run"

Depending on the time of the season, you may be getting bad shadows/low light, the trails might be icing up or simply you're getting tired towards the end of hard day's skiing. Any of these factors may account for a higher than usual risk of falling/injury.
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Blaise hit #3 right on. What was soft on the last run is now rock hard.

Learn to ski with your ears for changes in conditions.
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also, remember that by last run, the bar at the lodge has been open for at least a couple of hours... so there is probably some drunk people out there...

on a more serious note, i agree with everything said above... last run should be nice and easy... cooling downb your muscles after a lot of exercise is good...
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I've always tried to quit one run before the last

BUT, good judgement does not always win !!!!!!!!!
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We all ski our last run but one too many is another issue.
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My son and I were skiing last week. The lifty told us "last run", meaning the lift was about to close down and we likely wouldn't make it back before shut off. He told us the same thing on the next run, and the run after that!
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Originally Posted by Powdr View Post
I have a simple solution: just avoid your last run...
So you must still be out there skiing? Sounds like the twilight zone. :

"Always expect the unexpected"
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I make it a point never to take the last run. When I feel like I've got one more run in me, that's when I call it quits.
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Never, ever ski that last run!....Especially at my age; it seems so......final
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Originally Posted by Blaise View Post
Calling "last run" is taboo in my books... it's always a "second last run"
Same in my book. At the end of a day, I might call for a few final runs, but I'll actually come in after just one or none at all. Then again, I guess I do call last run; I just never ever actually ski it.
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Yeah, what everyone else said. Your still out there skiing when your body has had enough.
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I got hut yesterday and kept skiing.
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