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Are 200 cm's too long?

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I just got a really great deal on a pair of new ('00) Atomic Bata 9.18 in 200 cm lenght. I'm 6'0" and weight in at 225lbs and am an advanced rec. skier. Are they keepers or should I down size?
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Could be worse, only about 10cm too long.
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I am no expert but mr twoKiwis is 6ft 1", and about the same weight as you, naked. He bought 198cm Volkl G31 and loves them, but wishes he had bought them shorter. He is trialling a shorter pair of the same skis, 188cm, this weekend (we have snow down under) so will be interesting to see what he thinks.

Both of us did not go short enough when we bought shaped skis. I am on 177cm Bandit X's and am only 5ft 4", I should be on 168cm. Previously I was on 190cm, so thought I had come down enough when going shaped. The extra length is fine in NZ because all our slopes are wide open bowls, can't get into too much trouble with longer turns. But I found it difficult to turn my bandits quick enough last time I skiied the trees in Canada - I am not blaming the ski totally - but it would have helped.

mrs twoKiwis
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To the best of my knowledge, the 9.18 max length available is 190. Regardless, I think you'd be happier in a 190, or even 180. I ski the 10.20 and 9.20 BR in 180, and I'm 5'9" and 225 lbs (hence the nickname my ski chum"p"s have given me).

I never would have believed that I'd be skiing on 180s again...used to ski on 203s and 207s...<FONT size="1">

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