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my kid just moved to phoenix....

talk to me about arizona skiing:

-snow bowl(2nd straight year of no snow?)


other than the interesting thread about the fight over snowmaking rights in flagstaff I couldn't find much on epic about arizona skiing.....

tell me about arizona skiing....any AZ bears?

any reason to do it or should he just drive to Taos?
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I'm an Arizona Bear, and rarely ski in AZ. You'll know when we have a good snow year (nightly news, newspaper and everyone talking about it) and then either resort is a good choice, snowbowl being closest, but also the most crowded. Two years ago we had a great snow year (for AZ). BUt until we get some real snow, you'd probably enjoy Taos more.
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not a AZ resident; when I lived in Durango, Purgatory got lots of bidness from Phoenix, probably closer than Taos, think about Tride and Wolf Creek also.
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