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How to help a snowboarder

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I'm a ski'er. and i love what I do. But I have a little cousin that is a snowboarder, but she isent the best. She has troubles with lesser angles, but is good on headwalls... she only does the "falling leaf" techniqe and i want to help her, because she wants to keep up with me and my freinds, but were always on the north face. What do I do to encourage her? and help her get along? I always feel bad, because I feel like i cant help her.
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She needs to learn how to turn. Getting her into a lesson would be the best help you could do for her. Failing that, the biggest key to turning instead of falling leaf is starting from a knees bent position and straightening the legs and turning the feet at the same time to get the board started into the new turn.
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Lesson, please.


My suggestions would be either a private or group snowboard lesson. A private will offer more of a one on one personalized environment. A group lesson...still worth the time, however may not always offer the sometimes needed, indivdually tailored format. Just a thought.

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