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Winter ! Just 6 months away !

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We all should be over the hump of post ski seasson withdrawl. We can once again look forward ! On Saturday, in theory, the amount of daylight should begin to lessen, as we approach winter.

In July the new stuff will be out and begin to hit the stores, the ski mag issus will begin to flow once again, the resort advertising, and if we haven't already, we should be focusing our workout activites on getting ready for the upcoming ski season.

So everyone, it may be a little early [ by 6 or so months ]here in North America, but

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I can't wait for the next northern season. Hopefully I will be spending it in Utah.
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How do you define winter, it snowed here again nite before last, so is that the last snow of last winter or first snow of next winter??? Life can be so confusing at times...
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Maybe Winter is <5 months away, but skiing is only 4 weeks away

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Post? The season stops? Man, I thought it was just the lifts......
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yes snow yes snow
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It is winter here and it is snowing...going skiing at Porteeer Heights Tomorrow!...might even be tempted to take some pictures!
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just 20 short weeks till i return to work
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Just watched Warren Miller's "Ride" last night - 3 times.

Some great turns in there.

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Plus happy start of winter to our friends down under!
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Are you jones yet SCSA for some deep dry Colorado powder? I have seen it open for ski season in the PNW in Oct. that's like in 100 days or so. I have checked with Ullr and next season is going to be big.
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I only use two seasons, (keeps my calendar simple ) ski-season, and wait-for-ski-season.

In a perfect world there would only have one season...

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I just dunno about folks who whine about summer, Its been 10 days since we had any snowfall. The weather has been hot (for MT) and it has rained every evening for a week. Things are very green and lush and in all I am enjoying seeing what my neighbors look like without a hat, neck gaiter and goggles. People who complain about summer being too long simply do not ski enough when it is winter. in about 10 weeks the leaves will start to get that look, the mornings will start to chill and before you know it, 9 more months of winter like weather. For now, I can deal.
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